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Today, there are a lot of articles and tutorials explaining how to change your Magento store or what should you enhance in order to have higher sales. We do not want to waste your time and repeat the same information, so here we collected only the best strategies which helped our clients to achieve good results. Before starting, we want to tell you why it is so important to be up to date and regularly improve your Magento store

Today's eCommerce market is full of different online stores. Over 2,00,000 of them are built on Magentothe fully featured eCommerce solution. From these numbers we can see that a level of competition is really high. It is clear that running your store on Magento platform gives you additional advantages. But, not everybody knows how to use all functionality which Magento provides. Consequently, they face the problems such as a shopping cart abandonment and low conversion rate. That is why, to be able to differentiate themselves from others, merchants need to know how to manage their Magento store, improve it and offer the customers benefits that other service providers do not have.

Marketing Tips To Increase Magento Store Sales

Display Best Selling and Random Products on Your Magento Homepage

One of the best ways of increasing Magento store sales is promoting products on your homepage. You can display both popular and random products. Showing best selling products on your Magento homepage is a good way if you want to promote products, which already are popular among your existing customers. But if you need to sell a drug in the market, it would be reasonable to display random products on your Magento homepage. This approach can help you draw online shoppers attention, show them what products you offer. As a result, they will know that your store is worth their coming on a frequent basis.

As an example, we want to present you Magento store - They feature a plenty of products on their homepage and change them frequently to inspire returning shoppers to buy new products.

Magento store homepage with products

Provide Your Magento Product Page with a Quality Product Description 

Another important page of your Magento store after the homepage is a product page. A well thought-out product page usually gets more than a 5% conversion rate since its launch. Big and beautiful images are crucial. But beside this, there are a number of other important features. You have to provide informative product descriptions, a clear page structure, and not to forget about SEO strategies. You have to make the CTA buttons clear and highly visible. It is important because very often visitors get confused due to badly structured product pages and simply go to another web store. Create a sense of urgency by placing “Only 3 left in stock” and by giving a comparison of an actual price and a discounted price. It will make shoppers act instantly and increase your Magento store sales.

Use Upselling and Cross-selling Strategies

Upsell is a sales strategy where the seller offers to purchase upgraded product or service, in other words, to sell the more expensive version of what a customer is going to buy. For example, you buy Apple Watch, but within some time, you’re looking for upgrade. That is when you could be upsold to more trendy and expensive device.


So, you buy the watch, but you soon realize you need featured watch accessories: new band, headphones, charging dock, and other related accessories. Cross-selling happens when a business knows you are going to need other items to go along with that new device.

apple store cross selling

These two techniques can help you increase conversion and Magento store sales by showing customers related products while they shop on your Magento store. You can implement upsell and cross-sell on your product page using the phrases such as “You may also like”.

User Experience Optimization Tips To Increase Magento Store Sales

Optimize Your Magento Store Product Search Feature

One more important point is to have a robust search feature. Magento offers a standard search out of the box that you can use to manage your search results. However, it is not perfect and does not offer all necessary options. There are several ways to improve the standard Magento search. Magento Community and Magento Enterprise offer different search methods, so choose those that will meet your requirements. Magento Community search methods that can be configured according to your needs:

  • like” search type returns results similar to the keyword that is entered
  • full-text” search type produces more focused results, but does not find partial matches
  • combined” search type (like + full-text) is optimal and the most popular between Magento users

If you have a large number of products on your Magento store and hundreds of search requests per second, we would recommend that you use special search platforms or Magento extensions. The list of the most used search platforms you can integrate with Magento website includes: Solr, Sphinx, ElasticSearch, Amazon Cloud Search, Sooqr, SLI Learning Search. There are many modules or extensions that will allow you to improve the standard search feature, for example: Solr Bridge Search, Shpinx Search Ultimate, Advanced Sphinx Search Pro, Advanced Search, Search Auto-complete and Suggest, Better Magento search and many others.

So, test your search feature to check whether it returns the results your visitors could expect. If it does not, ask your development team to optimize it by using above indicated solutions.

Make Your Magento Store Mobile Friendly

Mobile responsiveness really can help you increase your Magento store sales. It does not make sense to spend a lot of time and efforts on creation of a great online presence, if you are not going to optimize it for mobile use because you can simply lose a coming website traffic and a big part of sales. Nowadays, when the biggest part of people have smartphones and tablets, to have a mobile-friendly Magento store is essential. Fortunately, there is a great amount of tools available on the market, which Magento store owners can use to add necessary mobile features to their existing Magento stores. The most popular of them are:

  • ShopGate - builds and deploys mobile websites that are in keeping with your existing online Magento store. Shopgate solutions are adapted to suit the very different needs of Apple and Android devices.
  • KanCart - presents your store to mobile shoppers simplifying and delighting their shopping experience.

Magento store mobile responsive

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your Magento Store

Very often, Magento store owners face with a problem of shopping cart abandonment. According to data from, during the third quarter of 2016, it was found that 73.9 percent of online retail orders were abandoned. Travel sector has the highest rate - 80,4%. This means that, more than half of all shopping carts are abandoned. This amount of shoppers is leaving carts before making a purchase. 

Why does this happen? There are several reasons. Sometimes even a few dollars are enough to win or lose a sale. Unexpected charges emergence is one of the main reasons why shoppers abandon their carts. These charges can include shipping, sales tax, handling fees, product customization charges, or anything else that may be not added to the offered price. To avoid these surprises, you can offer a free shipping. Shoppers are likely to make a purchase on the store offering a free shipping rather than to overpay in another place. If you do not want to offer it and your shipping costs are variable, you can use a special calculator. Place a button on your product pages that will calculate the estimated shipping cost for each customer before he/she goes to your shopping cart. Other fees should be indicated on the product pages so that the shoppers are not surprised by them once they add an item to the shopping cart. 

Another problem is that web sites do not have any calls to action on their shopping carts. By default, Magento theme offers a design that is not optimized for conversions. A solution is to use a custom theme. It will enable you to change a size and a color of the “Proceed to Checkout” button on the shopping cart page as well as change a layout to one that will encourage customers to shop. All these things can help you reduce a shopping cart abandonment and increase your Magento store sales. 

Add Login with Social Media to Your Magento Store

Online shoppers are suffering from “Password Fatigue”. What does it mean? Visitors are tired of spending their time for entering username and password combinations to log in into websites. As a result, they simply leave these websites.

We think that it is a valid reason to start offering Social Login on your Magento store. Use the existing social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn to make the logging process easy and fast. It will allow you to improve the user experience and increase Magento store sales and conversions.

On Magento Marketplace, there are a lot of modules or extension for adding above described feature to your Magento store.

Magento connect social login

 Offer Multiple Payment Options on Your Magento Store

Do you know that a half of all online shoppers cancel their purchases if their preferred payment method was not offered? Shoppers are looking for different payment options. If you provide them with the opportunity to check out with Paypal and credit card as well as any other options that may be more convenient for some customers, you will surely get higher conversions and sales. As statistics shows, a variety of payment options prevents shopping cart abandonment.

Remember, that each country has specific checkout and payment preferences. That is why, if you have international Magento store, you must offer multiple payment options.  In the UK, a credit card is the most popular payment option for online purchases. Almost a half of all online transactions in the UK are paid by credit cards. Almost the same amount of people chose to pay per invoice cards. In Germany, people prefer to pay by using invoices. Credit cards are also popular in this country. In the United States and Australia, customers predominantly use credit cards. eWallets are also frequently used (for example PayPal and Google Wallet). 

Offer Multiple Delivery Options on Your Magento Store

Offering multiple delivery options is not less important than offering multiple payment options. Today, customers want their products to be delivered when and where it is convenient for them. Offering just one shipping option compels customers go to another merchant in order to find faster delivery and more convenient terms of shipping. So, if you do not want to lose customers, you have to offer multiple delivery options.

On Magento Connect, there is a plenty of extensions that can help you expand your Magento store shipping options.

Optimize Magento Store Checkout 

Optimized checkout is crucial for reaching high sales. The default Magento Checkout Page does not provide a good online shopping experience for customers, so you need to optimize it. Otherwise, most of your customers may abandon their shopping carts without finishing orders. Consequently, you will lose sales because of the complicated and long checkout process. Therefore, you need to provide clear and easy to use checkout forms. Below, there are several tips on checkout process improvement:

  • Go to Magento Connect and find one page checkout extensions or modules;
  • Ensure that a user does not have to enter the same information twice;
  • Preserve a customer information if a validation error occurs;
  • Reduce the required (*) fields as much as possible;
  • Offer a guest checkout.

For any online customer, it may be annoying and confusing to answer too many questions. Very often, it is a main reason why Magento store sales are low. Therefore, if you want to save customers and increase revenue, the best solution will be to reduce as many checkout steps as possible. 

As you can see, creating a beautiful Magento store and launching it is not enough. You have to optimize it in order to achieve high Magento store sales. We hope that our list of marketing and user-experience optimization tips will help you improve your Magento store. Do not forget about using special tools (Magento extensions and modules) to bring the above strategies into action. If you have any additional questions, our Magento development team will be happy to help you.

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