Efficient Steps for Improving Magento Stores' Usability

Taking into consideration that you work in the online commercial sphere, you can notice some negative tendencies from time to time. For example, the rates of conversion can be lower than you expect, or there can be as well big number of clients’ turndowns. These factors show that your internet store is in trouble.

It happens that online sellers often don’t pay much attention to such questions: is it convenient for the potential clients to use a store? Is it really easy to buy anything online? Thus, they forget about keeping the usability of their internet stores at high level and, as a result, lose their clients. 

Let’s see what makes clients leave and what measures can prevent them from doing so

The first reason for leaving can be complicated site navigation. Also there can be such elements that bewilder the client and he can’t take further steps for making his order. Remember that there are a lot of competitors with the same goods. If some other site can provide easier shopping for the clients, they will certainly use it instead of spending time on learning how to use yours. 

You can use help of the numerous guidelines concerning e-commerce usability. They can be reached online and contain instructions for improving usability of your store. Probably, they will facilitate to increase conversion and reduce the number of clients who leave. But there is still one point – all available guidelines haven’t tested your e-commerce site.

The usability problems are very similar for all internet stores, but you must keep in mind that each store has its own peculiar business field, strategy and clients with special demands. That’s why the guidelines can’t be universal and equally efficient for all the stores. What can help one store can be of no use for another one. Even so there are solutions for solving problems of usability and making clients stay at your site.

Detecting usability issues with the help of Magento audit  

A store’s usability audit can be provided by Magento. No automation software was used for its creation. The precise analysis can help the online sellers to cope with the indicated problems and to make the store successful.

Magento usability audit can provide not only comparison of your store’s usability with the most successful examples, but also analysis of the internet store’s accessibility and micro interactions. These fields are often ignored, but it’s wrong – they are really important for the store’s development.    

User research is another difference. The purpose of Magento usability audit is to broaden understanding of clients’ actions while using your site. This can help to improve the experience.

The quantitative data can be analyzed with the help of Google Analytics. So, many agencies use this instrument and can find answers what, when and who. But what is to be done with the qualitative data? How to analyze it properly and find answers to the more important questions – how, why? Of course, this task is harder and they often fail to complete it. Magento uses special methods tools for usability testing. For example, with the help of HotJar that is used at Inchoo it’s possible to gather visitors’ recordings, conversion funnels, heatmaps. This enables to understand how the potential clients deal with the online store.

It’s very important to integrate both types of data values - quantitative and qualitative to get the full understanding of users’ needs and preferences, find usability gaps and make a report about audit results.

Such report provided by Magento will give you the guidance how to cope with usability problems of your store and improve its different aspects.

Realizing supposed changes

Having recommendations concerning design, the further actions are discussed with our client. As a rule, we advise to implement a strategy of incremental redesign. It helps to raise Return on Investment, to reduce risks and make your online store work more efficiently and stably. But it happens that there are a lot of points to pay attention to. In such cases everything is created from scratch.

For example, if due to the fact that the clients of your store don’t click on such element of the homepage as carousel, you are recommended to replace it with another one for demonstration of the needed information. The easiest way is to replicate competitor’s maquette with some possible changes, and designers can easily do this. But at Inchoo it’s essential to use a psychological approach to achieve better understanding of the behavior and needs of the clients and optimization of your store. 

Choosing the most effective design version 

As soon as the needed amount of data is available, the goals of conversion can be identified, and iterations for the design process can be created. But we do need to test the possibilities of the new design version, whether it will be better than the current one. A split test or A/B test can help to figure out which of two versions (A or B) will be more efficient and thus preferable. This simplest available method of testing provides checking the potential positive changes with the help of different design versions of the same page. The most effective version with the expected influence on clients’ behavior will be implemented.

So, do you have any troubles with usability of your store?

In conclusion, if those who visit your online store don’t become your customers, they face usability troubles while using your store.  

Efficient steps are: 

        1. Audit your store’s usability. It will show the pages with problems.

        2. Analyze visitors’ behavior with the help of quantitative and qualitative data.

        3. Identify the goals of conversion with the help of design recommendations.

        4. Use testing of A and B design versions.

        5. Implement the best version.

For those who run Magento stores successfully and those who have some usability problems, there is opportunity to contact us and get important recommendations for improving their internet store’s usability.

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