How to Install Magento Extensions?

How to Install Magento Extensions

One of the reasons why Magento is so popular is the possibility to add to its out-of-the-box features those ones that a specific business needs. You can find a number of extensions that can help your business prosper. However, you may face a problem here. Where to find an extension of the best quality? Which one to choose? How to install an extension? And so on. We often receive such questions, and in this article, we’re going to answer them all.

Where Can I Find a Magento Extension?

Probably, it’s the first question that crosses a merchant’s mind: Where can I find a Magento extension of a high quality? We’ve prepared 3 answers to this question.

Magento Marketplace

Our first answer is to go to Magento Marketplace. There, we’re sure you’ll find extensions exclusively of a high quality. Due to the Extension Quality Program (EQP), which has already been in force since 2016, you will find only reliable extensions on Magento Marketplace. According to the EQP, each new extension must go through 4 types of review:

  • Business Review: only those extensions that offer a first-class functionality and a satisfactory solution to a common business issue can pass this review.
  • Technical Review: during this stage, Magento experts check and validate the code of a new extension.
  • Manual QA: all the extensions on Magento Marketplace are profoundly tested.
  • Marketing Review: having tested the code inside out, Magento experts also inspect the accuracy and quality of the extension description (documentation and images) to make sure that it meets their strict marketing guidelines.

We’ve already have written a whole article about Magento EQP. If you want to get to know more about this program, read Updated Marketplace Extension Quality Program.

As you see, a low-quality extension doesn’t have even a teeny-tiny possibility to get on Magento Marketplace. That is why it is our number one answer to this question.


To buy an extension directly from its vendor is one more option. However, not everything is so simple here as it was with the first variant. Not all vendors can be trusted. We always advise going to Magento partners. Only choosing a Magento partner, can you be sure in the quality of the extension. Otherwise, you take risks to have issues with the functionality compliance or even with the site security.

Tailor-Made Solution

The third possibility is to get a tailor-made extension that will serve exactly the needs of your business. Qualified Magento developers can offer you to create a specific extension that is nowhere to find. This variant is a time-consuming, though, as the development of a new extension may take some time. Moreover, you can trust this intricate task only to professionals. Therefore, the obvious choice is to rely on certified and skillful developers.

How to Choose a Magento Extension?

You’ve been looking for one Magento extension of a high quality, but surprisingly you’ve found two extensions with a similar functionality? It can happen too. Perhaps, developers tried to solve the same problem using different approaches, and as the result created two similar but not identical extensions. To decide which one suits your online store best, order demo versions of the both preferred extensions. In this way, you’ll be able to properly evaluate the offered features and take the right decision for the business.

Who Should Install an Extension?

Responsible vendors always offer an explicit installation manual for each of their extension. It may seem everyone can manage to install an extension. However, we’ve discovered hidden problems while performing extensions installations. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to rely on Magento developers. They will check whether all the technical requirements are met, perform the after-installation test, manage to deal with unpredicted issues and correctly delete the extension if needed. 

How Should I Maintain an Extension?

The installed extension still needs your attention. To guarantee the best performance of the online store, you have to update the extensions regularly. Only in this way, you can be sure that all issues are fixed and all improvements are done. Moreover, judging by our experience, this small procedure can save a great deal of money in the future.

How Many Extensions Can I Install?

As a Magento store owner, you have a nice possibility to customize it. But you should use it wisely! Too many extensions on the site make its performance slower. Engaging features are good, but a fast performance of the site is better.

We hope you’ve found an answer to your question. Otherwise, leave a question in comments below, and we’ll find a proper answer. 

If you need to create a Magento extension from scratch or install a third-party extension, our Magento Certified Developers are ready to help!

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