Hire Certified Magento Developers: Why? What? Where?

Hire Certified Magento Developers

Magento Certification was created for experienced Magento developers as well as for their customers, i.e. merchants, eCommerce business owner. For developers, it is the possibility to be marked out among others; for merchants, it is the only chance to get the third-party validation of developer’s knowledge and skills. What exactly Magento certification guarantees merchants?

Why Hire Certified Magento Developers?

First of all, Magento certification is the sign of proficient knowledge in the field: before passing the exam, the developer has to read a lot of technical literature, watch many webinars, and take several courses. Since any Magento store development requires the knowledge of coding standards and development methodologies, it is the understanding of these concepts that is tested during the exam.  Consequently, hiring a certified developer means getting on board a person who knows his business.

Secondly, certified Magento developers possess more tools for the perfect solution. As it has already been said, developers take a long time of preparation before taking the exam; during this period they get familiarized with lots of possible solutions. It means, when you hire a certified Magento developer, your problems will be solved in a sensible, appropriate for the given case way.

Finally, thanks to the thorough theoretical knowledge and the awareness of all possible optimal ways of solution, a certified Magento developer will deliver a sound final product with a clean code. Therefore, hiring a certified developer may be a bit more expensive, however, this decision will bring you a high return on investment.

Preparing to the Magento Certification

What is the Meaning of Each Magento Certificate?

There are four types of Magento certified developers:

  • Magento Certified Developer has some advanced core knowledge and is able to perform all business processes in Magento CE.
  • Magento Certified Developer Plus has deep knowledge of the Magento structure and professional competence within Magento EE.
  • Magento Certified Front-End Developer can create and customize Magento themes, implement design-related system configuration, and modify the appearance of specific pages.
  • Magento Certified Solution Specialist is a Superman of a kind: they have extensive knowledge of the Magento architecture and are familiar with elements of a Magento site; furthermore, they can apply their Magento knowledge to business goals.

Even one of these certificates, let alone the presence of all four, shows the developer’s high level of commitment and devotion to the work.

Where are the Majority of Magento Certified Developers Located?

Geographical location of certified Magento developers

According to the official Magento certification directory, there are more than 5 000 certified developers worldwide; the half of them live in Europe.The highest number of certified developers (839), you will find in the USA. Then, 837 certified developers live in India, and 407 — in the UK. Ukraine, with 326 certified developers, comes fourth. Germany is the last among the first five countries: there live 308 certified Magento developers.

Hire a Certified Magento Developer in Ukraine

Magento was born in Ukraine. It means that in Ukraine, you can find developers who have designed Magento and continue improving it.

SaM Ecommerce Team. Certified Magento Developers in Ukraine

SaM Ecommerce is a Magento development agency (part of German company SaM Solutions). We are located in Dnipro, one of the cities where Magento began its journey. When the main Magento office was relocated to Kyiv, a lot of developers stayed in Dnipro and started working at SaM. For the time being, our team comprises fifty Magento developers, half of which are certified. Our team of dedicated developers is always ready to help you.

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