Goodbye to Magento 1. Hello to Magento 2

Hello to Magento 2

Magento 1 was an excellent platform back in the time, but the life cycle of any software sooner or later comes to an end. We are at the stage when support for a software product ceases and the program becomes quite vulnerable to various attacks by malicious users. And when it comes to Magento and e-commerce, the security of your business becomes a key aspect that forces you to take certain actions. One of these actions is the transition to a new version of Magento 2. In order to familiarize you with the advantages of the new platform, we will write to you the most important innovations that will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Optimized loading process and overall platform smoothness

The new version of Magento is ready to provide you with unsurpassed speed and smoothness. New advanced caching technology makes caching of online pages much easier. Also, an indexer was implemented in the system, which works to quickly update the data and helps to process a large number of requests. Studies have long shown that the faster your site loads, the less chance that the buyer will leave you without buying anything. So the speed of work is one of the main features of Magento 2.

High degree of data protection

Protecting user data is the cornerstone of Magento 2 and the developers worked hard so that not a single attacker would steal a byte of valuable information from your business. New hashing algorithms significantly improve work with passwords. There is also a built-in anti-clickjacking system, and a non-standard administrator URL will prevent attackers from pinpointing certain options of Magento 2. Feel yourselves as if behind a stone wall with Magento 2.

Administrator’s workflow has become even more convenient

The messy and confusing admin interface of Magento 1 is now a thing of the past. Designers of Magento 2 all these years listened to user feedback and recorded separately the most successful ideas. And all this in order to bring to life a convenient and responsive admin panel. Also, one of the new features is the function when 2 or more administrators can simultaneously work with the site, while only one person could work in Magento 1. This greatly speeds up the overall work and, accordingly, the productivity of your site. For large stores, whose services cover a huge area, this will be a very useful innovation.

Hello to Magento 2

Convenience and ease of shopping for customers

When you switch to Magento 2, you can make sure that customer experience will be much more enjoyable and the chance that the customer will leave you with nothing will tend to zero. This is facilitated by the processing of many aspects, such as placing orders, registration, etc. The registration process has become much more convenient and faster and you do not burden your customers with unnecessary functionality. Also, more convenient integration with PayPal is now available and customers do not need to enter a lot of unnecessary information, which can frighten potential buyers. And do not forget that at each stage of shopping are accompanied by detailed information about the order, which increases confidence in your store. Ease of shopping will immediately have a positive effect on your conversion.

Interface flexibility for mobile devices

Everything that we described above also applies to the work of Magento 2 with mobile devices. A convenient search will provide your customers with the speed of surfing in your store and the ease of finding goods that customers need. A lot of work was also done on the speed of loading pages on mobile devices, which makes the experience of using your store smoother and more pleasant on any device. Expanding your business into the mobile market is a very important step and you will see for yourself that customers like to shop via smartphones as much as on laptops or PCs.

A growing and productive community

Adobe has repeatedly mentioned in her speeches that the Magento community is very large and dedicated and the work with people brings great pleasure. Thanks to Magento fans, hundreds of extensions, tons of guides, and dozens of forums have already been created for Magento 2. If you prefer to stay on Magento 1, you run the risk of being left overboard and miss a huge number of innovations that can make your work much more convenient and productive. And do not forget that many of the problems that you may have on Magento 1 may remain unresolved due to the irrelevance of the platform. So we advise you to pay attention to this aspect.

Let's summarize. When you switch to Magento 2, your store will gain new functionality that Magento 1 did not have and you will immediately notice how your work process will change for the better. In addition, the speed of work and conversion with it will increase. And so that your work remains safe, Magento 2 will be on guard of your data and your store. So feel free to switch to Magento 2 and experience a new stage in the development of e-commerce. And if you have any questions about the transition to Magento 2, feel free to write to us and our Team of Magento 2 Developers and they will advise you on all your questions.

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