Free Magento 2 Themes for Your Marketplace

Free Magento 2 Themes

The visual part of your store is very important, because it’s the appearance of your site that first catches your eye and the more it pleases the eye, the higher the chance that customers will stay with you and that he will purchase some goods from you. The functionality of your site can also be considered under the visual part since this is the only type of interaction between you and the client, so thinking out a convenient interface is a priority goal. No one will stay long on a confusing site with lots of weird design decisions. But let's imagine the situation where you wanted to change something in the appearance of your store. You want to do this as soon as possible. It was for such cases that Magento 2 themes came up. There are many different themes, both paid and free. But today we will focus on the best free themes for Magento 2.


FreeGo is a fairly simple, one might even say minimalistic theme. But behind a simple design lies a fairly wide functionality. The theme is compatible with any devices and for convenient navigation, there is a large and rich main menu full of functionality. Also one of the very useful features is the ability to add a blog straight to your store using a special extension that works out of the box.

Free Magento 2 ThemesUB Trex

This theme is a real diamond for sellers of online fashion marketplaces and clothing boutiques. The main advantage of this theme is the presence of a beautiful home page with which your customers will be very pleased to work. You can place the best-selling goods on it or please your customers with new products, which will undoubtedly attract attention. Customers will also be able to customize the look of the store for themselves, switching between different types of displays, which positively affects the user experience.

Free Magento 2 Themes


If the fashion world is a little different than what you are involved with, check out Bentriz. This theme is very suitable for shops specializing in various tools, techniques, and other useful things. Also, this theme is great for shops related to cars, auto parts, sports equipment, etc. A fairly flexible theme that can be customized and has a responsive interface.

Free Magento 2 Theme

Ves Kasitoo

Do you specialize in furniture trading and providing comfort in your customers' homes? This theme is really for you, as it is completely tailored to the stores that we have listed above. The best products can be displayed on the main page and neat design will delight your customers. You will also be surprised at the speed of this theme, which is simply phenomenal.

Free Magento 2 Theme


The present record holder for Magento 1 is proud to show you a new version of this theme, now for Magento 2. Ease of use and design are top-notch as always, and the universality of the theme will allow it to be used for a store with any specialization. Built-in editing modules allow you to create your own interface elements with a unique design. Also, you can easily add ready-made solutions to your page. A built-in theme editor allows you to easily customize this theme for yourself. 

Free Magento 2 Theme


Great and very flexible theme that fits any store.  You will receive an adaptive and customizable design, a convenient slideshow that works great on touch devices. And all this with beautiful and concise block design and color scheme. It is also worth noting that this theme was manually programmed, taking into account all Magento 2 standards which positively affect the display of your site in search engines.

Free Magento 2 Theme

Let's make a small conclusion. We presented you with only a grain of the variety of different themes. There are simply countless free themes for Magento 2, some of them very flexible, some of them are tailored for specific purposes and stores. A lot of themes are created by the huge Magento 2 community and every year the variety of themes is getting bigger. Thanks to their free and public availability, you can change your store design when it suits you. Thus, you can keep the freshness and novelty of your store for customers and they will always be happy to see a beautiful and updated interface. And that's all for now. Feel free to email us and our Magento 2 Developers Team and they will advise you on all your questions.

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