Free and Fast Security Test of Your Magento Store

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The site security status is crucial for a lot of customers. According to a survey conducted by Ponemon Institute, almost 60% respondents stated they lost their trust in the organization that experienced a customer data breach. At the same time, 31% respondents decided to stop dealing with such organizations at all.

It means that the security status of the site must be of an uttermost importance for merchants, too. Regular Magento version upgrading or patch applying can guarantee a vital security level.

If you aren’t sure whether your Magento store has all necessary patches, you can check it with the online tool MageReport.

MageReport is a Free Online Tool for a Fast Security Test

MageReport is an online tool that gives a brief overview of the Magento store security status for free. Furthermore, it offers possible ways of fixing security vulnerabilities. This tool was developed by the Magento hosting specialists of Dutch provider Byte in order to increase the security level of Magento stores in the whole world.

It’s totally safe to use MageReport for testing the security status of your Magento store. First of all, the tool works in read-only mode.That is, it doesn’t alter anything in the store; it just looks for the essential patches. Secondly, MageReport doesn’t reveal any information that can be exploited by hackers. As it’s been mentioned above, the tool only informs you whether you have all the necessary patches plus why and how you should apply each of them.

How to Use MageReport for a Fast Security Test?

MageReport is very easy to use. You just need to type the URL of the site you want to test. In a few seconds, you’ll see:

  • what security patches your Magento store lacks — highlighted red.
  • what security patches have been successfully applied — highlighted green.

If you see only green color on the monitor, it means your Magento store is safe and sound. Red color means that you have to apply the highlighted security patches (the instruction is attached).

You may also get gray (unknown) results. It may happen since MageReport tool doesn’t have access to the code of your Magento store. And, sometimes, recently applied patches make it impossible to test whether the earlier ones have been installed properly.

Can I Rely on the Results of the Fast Security Test?

As we’ve already mentioned, the online tool MageReport doesn’t have the access to the code of the Magento store. That is the reason why you may get gray (unknown) results or even red ones when you’re sure you’ve already installed that patch. Moreover, each Magento store is different so the tool can’t guarantee a 100% accuracy.

The developers continue working on the tool and constantly improve it. However, they suggest using MageReport only as a free guide. To be absolutely sure about the store security status you should consult a developer. Only a developer can conduct a profound test of the Magento store and guarantee a valid result.

In case you need a security test of the store or other Magento services, our Magento Developers will be glad to help you!

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