FIFA & Magento: Play the Game

FIFA and Magento. Boost your sales

If right from the start of FIFA World Cup 2018 you’re not taking off a scarf with your favourite’s team logo and can’t wait for the next match, you better read the article to find out, how your hobby can boost your sales.

Get some football merch 

Whatever you sale, FIFA World Cup 2018 is the best chance to offer your customers some merch with football logos. Are you selling cups? Massive mugs with players and soccer ball might be the best choice for you! Clothing? Tees with teams for real fans only! And dresses with black and white hexagons for their girlfriends. Find your unique way to fit this occasion in your sales. Also you can contact us and we’ll help you gladly. 

Football Merch from

Use football pop-ups

If you not using a pop-ups on your Home page still, you better start right now. Pop-up is some kind of banner which shows up when customer is visiting your site. You can promote your discount here, offer to subscribe, etc. And now, when its FIFA-time, you can use it to attract real fans with football commercials or announce deals.

Discounts and promo codes

Discounts and promo codes are very productive method of attracting customers to your online shop. And here is the way how you can use it now. For example, you have a favourite player, team or you just watch every game. On your Home Page you can set up a banner or pop-up with a question or image that related to your favourite player. And then the customer can enter this word or number as promo code and get a discount. 

And few words about deals

You can set up a discount on your football merch if you have it. (And you better have it now, watch Get some football merch point).

Magento and FIFA

Change your Front…

Customer’s always sees how your site looks like. And if customer likes it, chances that you’ll sell something increases. So now you can decorate your website Home page with a football attributes: make a soccer ball cursor or add some football symbolic

… and keep safe your Back 

For better conversion you might do a few things:

Speed it up!

The first thing you should do is speed up your Magento site. This is the best way to increase your sales. Even if you do this only, your sales will increase. Customers and searching engines are prefers sites which are loading very fast. If it takes more than five second they will leave it and will find another one. The faster one.

Translate it

There are so many football fans from different countries, so you could use Magento Translation to make you site understandable for anyone. 

Simplify it

A simple purchasing process is more attractive for customers. So to do that you can use One Step Checkout

Optimize it

A large number of online purchases is made by smartphones and tablets. Don’t underestimate it, optimize your site to make it mobile-friendly. 


Don’t forget to decorate a newsletter for customer with some football staff. And list all special offers for fans.

We hope these were helpful for you and your business. If you still have questions or you thinking about speed up your website, update your Front-End and Back-End, you’ll need a Magento Team. And we here to help you with it. 

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