5 Facts About GDPR a Magento Store Owner Should Know



In spring 2016, it was decided to bring some changes to the EU data protection system. Actually, this decision led to significant improvements of the Data Protection Directive, which was adopted in 1995. The updated set of data protection rules is going to be applied on May 25th, 2018. This new set is called General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR (you can also find a shortened name the Regulation). GDPR brings into being numerous novelties that shall increase the level of personal data protection as well as decrease the amount of the red tape. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for businesses and consumers.


According to the survey conducted in the EU two years ago, about 80% of respondents assume they don’t have a full control over their personal data. So the attention of GDPR is paid to the establishment of new rules that give the customer the possibility to fully control their personal data.

Companies still encounter lots of problems, mainly connected with red tape, while expanding their business to the market of another EU Member State. GDPR aims to erase all national peculiarities of data protection. It means, the rules will be universal for every EU Member State. Moreover, if the company isn’t located in the EU but offers goods or services to EU citizens, it also must abide by the General Data Protection Regulation. Thus, even though your company is located in the USA or Australia, but you have customers from Germany, you must play by the rules of GDPR.


Personal Data is

Before we come to what GDPR offers and the condition of personal data processing, we have to get a clear understanding of what personal data is.

As specified by GDPR, any piece of information that can lead to the identification of a person is personal data. Thus, a cookie ID, IP address, location, email address containing name and surname are treated as personal data.

You can encounter such a term as “anonymized data”. Anonymized data is any piece of information that doesn’t lead to identifying a person. However, the data can be called anonymized only when the anonymization is irreversible.

GDPR Offers

On the whole, the General Protection Regulation offers the instruments required by the 21st century: 

  • The same data protection rules for customers and business.
  • The same data protection rules for all EU customers regardless of the location of the company that offers goods or services.
  • More transparency and control over the personal data for consumers. For example, the expressed consent is a must for processing the personal data, a consumer has a right to access their personal data, transfer it to another company or delete it at all. Moreover, a person gets the right to be informed about data breaches.


Terms for Data Processing

According to GDPR, business is allowed to process personal data only under the following terms:

  • There is a specified purpose for collecting the personal data.
  • Only that data can be collected, which is required for the fulfilling the purpose.
  • The collected personal data can be kept no longer than needed.
  • The data must be updated and accurate.
  • The business must guarantee the security of the collected personal data.

Moreover, you must explain in clear and plain words what your company is, the reason for collecting the personal data, state how much time you are going to store it and who else can have access to it. And as we mentioned before, a person must express the consent to processing their personal data.

General Data Protection Regulation in the EU also aims to inspire all the countries in the world to examine their own data protection rules and make a use of GDPR to strengthen the personal data protection.

GDPR comes into force on May 25th, 2018. Till that time, we advise you to learn more about it on the official site or even contact your National Data Protection Authority (DPA) for a more detailed explanation.

Please, share with us what steps you’ve taken to guarantee the security of personal data. In case you need any help, our Team of Skillful Magento Developers are here to help you. 

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