Customer Reviews. Are They Important?

Customers Reviews for Magento Store

It would seem that this is a rather strange question in the title of this article. After all, it is obvious that customer reviews are a very important aspect of e-commerce, because users based on them can add up the impression of the goods for themselves. But for every businessman who works with Magento, it is always a question about what else customer feedback can be useful. Is it worth it to work towards improving the convenience of adding comments? We will talk about this now in this article.

The main advantages of customer reviews

Care indicator

By answering to customer reviews and explaining some inaccuracies, you show your customers your concern about their purchase experience in your store, thereby building credit of trust around your store with customers. Better opinion about the store - more buyers will come to you for shopping.

Good foundation for SEO

If you have a good review base in the store itself, it is very likely that customers will also leave their feedback on other sites, including Google. And this will greatly help promote your store in the top search queries.

Feedback is important for the development

Any feedback, good or bad, is a great source of experience. You can always gather a lot of information from feedbacks and find out what aspects can be improved in your business and thereby further improve the attitude of clients towards you.

Fuel for clicks

Yes, that’s exactly it. You can feed good attendance on certain positions with good reviews. To do this, it’s enough just to advertise a product that customers appreciated. Other users themselves will go in and look to find out why the product has so many positive reviews.

Help in the fight for buyers

Having your customer reviews very favorably sets you apart from other sellers. And the more of these reviews you have, the more profitable you look against the background of competitors, and the higher the chance that the buyer will turn to your services.

Customers Reviews for Magento Store

Credit of trust

Working on the level of your service and earning positive feedback you form the image of your business and word of mouth begins to work to its fullest. Clients will flaunt you with their relatives and friends based on their experience and reviews of other buyers (both from the site and those who surround them in everyday life).

Sales growth

With all of the above benefits, you are guaranteed to increase your sales. We advise you to be as open as possible with your customers and they will be drawn to you.

Now let's briefly tell you some tips for working with reviews and some tricks to work with clients. To begin with, we advise you to gently remind your customers that they leave their feedback. This can be done in the form of a small button or a pop-up message, or you can send an email to the client asking him to evaluate your service and the product that the client purchased. The following advice also follows from this. The assessment process should be as simple and smooth as possible. To do this, think over the interface in which your customers will leave feedback and make it maximum user friendly. Also, you can give a buyer a discount coupon or a coupon with a certain amount of money as a bonus for the feedback left, which he can spend on his next purchase from you. Thus, you will show your gratitude to the client for the purchase and evaluation of your service and at the same time stimulate him to make purchases from you in the future.

Well, for dessert, we’ll tell you about a very useful extension for Magento, which will greatly simplify your work with reviews. The extension is called Customer Review & Testimonials. This is a fairly powerful tool and, thanks to it, you can very flexibly customize the process of working with customers with reviews, remove or add additional fields to fill in, or vice versa create your own field to collect additional information that will be important to you. You can find this extension in the Magento official store. This will greatly simplify your work with clients and the management of reviews on your Magento website.

As you can see, reviews are a real sales promoter and you should not neglect them at all. Yes, at the very beginning, the effect of the feedback may seem rather scanty to you, but the more you accumulate positive ratings, the more your sales and your store grow in the eyes of customers. And that’s all for now. Stay safe and feel free to write to us and our Team of Magento 2 Developers and they will advise you on all your questions.

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