Christmas 2015 Shopping Plan

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In our previous article we have been talking about Black Friday that is very popular in the USA. Most data reflectes an American shopping time real-life picture. And today, we are going to talk about Christmas sales and pay more attention to the situation in the United Kingdom

In previous year, almost half of all Christmas sales was done online. In accordance with  IMRG e-Retail Sales Index, GBP 21.6bn was spent in online stores before Christmas. So, if you really want to increase your company profit, Christmas holiday is the best time for it!

All you need to know about Christmas sales

Christmas 2015 online shopping key dates (UK)

Keep in mind these dates! It will help you to plan your holidays.

  • Black Friday -27th November
  • Cyber Monday - 30th November
  • Small Business Saturday - 5th December: 
  • Last posting date for 2nd class -19th December:
  • Last posting date for 1st class - 21st December: 
  • Last posting date for Special and Next Day delivery - 23rd December 

Christmas shopping  plan

So, when you know all important dates, it is time to plan. 

  • Identify products that are in demand at Christmas.
  • Change your website design - add holiday mood to it.
  • Use SEO strategies to optimize your website pages.
  • Offer special deals and discounts using social media as well as mailing campaigns.

Christmas bestsellers

First of all, you have to choose products that really are popular these days. To do it, we recommend you to study last year experience. Having analysed all data, we have found that among tech gifts, the most popular are Apple devices. In accordance with Flurry Analytics, Apple accounted for 51.3 per cent of new devices activated between December 19 - 25, compared to Samsung's 17.7 per cent, Nokia with 5.8 per cent, Sony and LG managed 1.6 per cent.  Speaking about clothes, we can stand out John Lewis, Next and other popular brands that sold a lot of coats, jumpers and knitwear. Home staff also was very popular. Among all brands we can stand out Ikea. In the 12 days starting from 25 December, its sales rose 5% and online sales increased 14%. It is really good results. And, of course, we cannot miss toys. 

Christmas is time for presents. All parents start to receive letters (sent by children to Santa) where kids write which present they want to get. To make their dearests happy, parents are ready to spend a good deal of money. That is why toys selling is considered to be very profitable business. 

And according to, the average amount of money spent on Christmas shopping (in the United Kingdom in 2015) is expected to be 800 British pounds. Last year, this amount was lower. 

Redesign your website

Let’s look at what is happening on the streets. We see that all retailers decorate their shops. They try to make them brighter and more noticeable among others. They use different garlands, wreaths, special streamers, etc. The same relates to shopping malls. Just look at the photo below. 

christmas shopping mall icerink

It is a shopping center that even managed to place an ice rink in the hall.  Also, you can see New Year tree and a lot of garlands.

So, we offer online retailers to follow this strategy and decorate their online stores. There is only one difference - online store owners should use graphic design instead of real decorations. To create holiday atmosphere, we offer to use popular Christmas colours: red, green and gold. You can combine them with your own brand colours. Such kind of changes will instil positive emotions in many shoppers and make your online store livelier. In the photo below, you can see how Magento company did it:

Magento Christmas design logo

Christmas SEO strategies

SEO is an essential part to make your ecommerce store easily found in the world wide web. Our advice here is to change your website pages content to make it more searchable during holiday time. So, what can you do? Firstly, add some information about Christmas sales. Use such keywords as: Christmas sales, holiday shopping, Christmas deals/offers, gift ideas, for your headings, title tags and meta descriptions of pages. If there is a blog on your website, publish new articles on this topic. Add new Christmas company photos and title them. 

It was found that more than half of all customers use their tablets and smartphones to shop online at Christmas. So, we recommend you to optimize website design too. It should be mobile responsive and fast-working.

Inform people about Christmas offers

Publicity is one of the most crucial issues. There are a lot  of ways and tools to inform people about coming Christmas sales and gifts. And we are going to advise you or remind about 3 most popular strategies. And first is publishing information on your company website. We are not going to dwell on this subject, as we have already told about it in previous paragraph. We just want to add that you can place this information both on the main page and product page. We offer you to look at the example: 

Christmas sales website design

You can see that on this page, the special animation is added. Happy Santa Claus wishes customers Merry Christmas and informs them about  free shipping and sales. Above, there is more detailed information about extra 10% off (2 items) and extra 15% off (3 items). Under this animation, you can find a range of apparel offered at the decreased price. 

The second strategy is using email for promotion.  We have already told you about Black Friday email strategies. You can apply them to this holiday shopping time too. Send a simple sale email with the link to your website page with cut-price items. Offer them a free gift with a minimum purchase amount. Use different Giveaway contests to attract visitors to your site.

All these approaches may be applied to promotion through social networking sites. Also, you can enable your website for social buttons, so visitor will have a chance to share the information with friends. Leave a links to you blog article about holiday shopping. Generally, keep in touch with your current and potential customers. 

And to sum up, we want to give you offer advice. Don’t make your items too cheap. It may devalue your brand and lead to some loses. It is not the right time and place to work for charitable causes. Plan everything so, that everybody could benefit from this Christmas holiday shopping time. If you need more information, our Sam Ecommerce team will be happy to help you!

Read more about holiday sales here:


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