How to Boost Black Friday Sales with Facebook Business Page?

black friday facebook business page

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are most popular in the USA, but other countries such as the UK, Germany, Australia stay the pace. Online customers as well as ecommerce retailers are preparing for this long-desired event. And now, statistics show that online sales are considerably growing year after year on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Such popularity of online shopping is explained by an opportunity to avoid waiting in long queue and buy directly from the place of your current location. For retailers it is an additional way of product selling.

As most of retailers are going to spend a lot of time toward the email and social media channels during holidays, they have to focus on how to build out effective campaigns. It is important to know that during Black Friday and Cyber Monday customers are active on email and social media at different times. Consequently, retailers should go where their customers are and provide the best campaigns to meet their needs and wants. We have already advised you about holiday email marketing, and now we want to tell you about the main additions to your Facebook Business Page, that can help increase ecommerce sales.

The strategy for using Facebook to engage customers into holiday sales considerably differs from using email.  Holiday emails can be sent in the beginning of the week as well as on the date of Black Friday coming. In the former case, retailers send just reminder letter with such kind of wording as “Coming soon”. In the second case, they send emails containing  wordings that cause a sensation of urgency, for example ”Today only” or “Last chance”. But we have a completely different situation with Facebook. Ecommerce retailers carry out Facebook campaigns on Sunday before Holiday weekends. It is found to be more profitable and attracts more customers.

So, why do we talk about Facebook? It is well-known that Facebook allows both generate sales and build relationship between merchants and customers. Last year it gained the first place for social sales between all social medias. It performed high average order value as well as high conversion rate. To achieve such successful results, you should know how to use it correctly. That is why we would like to present you a special guidance, which we hope will stand you in good stead.

5 Basic Instructions to Increase Your Sales with Facebook Business Page

Activate New Sections on Your Facebook Business Page

This year Facebook has introduced new features aimed at connecting ecommerce businesses with customers, as well as driving more direct sales. It has added new Shop and Services Sections to give customers more information about offers. Facebook also has changed pages design, made them more mobile-friendly. Moreover, it has provided pages with bigger, brighter call-to-action buttons, which now are located directly under the Page cover photo. So, we recommend you to activate new Facebook sections, and it will allow you to display products and services for sale. New mobile-responsive design will give your customers opportunity to communicate with you and make a purchase anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Facebook Shop Section cover image

Create a Custom Facebook Cover Image

When your Facebook Sections are installed, it’s time to focus on your page cover image. It was found that visitors spent more time looking at Facebook cover images than everyday wall posts. Consequently, we recommend you to customize your cover image. It is the best way to inform Facebook users about your Black Friday sale. We offer you to look at the example presented below.

black friday facebook cover

You can see that the phrase “Black Friday” is bigger than others and placed at the centre. It makes information more catching, so it becomes impossible to miss it. This image also includes some product photos, the maximum discount (80%), the date of sale, and the store’s address. All these design decisions make this cover attractive and informative. Keep in mind all cover image characteristics and they will allow you to  differentiate your page from others.

Set Up More Prominent Call-to-Action Buttons

In this article we have already mentioned about call-to-action buttons, but now we want to tell about them in details.

The buttons has become more prominent that helps page owners to higher usability. They enable visitors to start communicating with retailers and browsing an online shop.

Dollar Shave Club has already installed these buttons and after three-week use, they state that Sign Up button delivers a 2.5x higher conversion rate versus other comparable social placements. In the photo below, you can see how it looks like.

dollar shave club business page

One of the biggest advantages is quick installation. You can do it in three steps:

  • Click the Create Call to Action button on your cover photo.

  • Choose the Shop Now button and add your link in the website field.

  • Click Create.

Publish a Post Announcing the Sale

Publishing post is the simplest way to inform about an offer or event on your Facebook Business Page. A published post guarantees that information will stay at the top of your timeline even after you publish additional posts. It is easy to find the Pin to Top button. You just have to click the dropdown menu arrow on any post.

To make the most of your published Black Friday post, you need to add a photo with the same information as your Facebook cover image presents. According to Hubspot study, Facebook status updates with images see 104% more comments, 54% more likes, and 84% more click-throughs than those that do not contain them.

Walmart Black Friday deals facebook

Get “Very responsive to messages” badge

To have really successful business, it is not enough to offer just a great product or service. Being a key to the trust relationships with customers, good customer service is an integral part of any ecommerce business. It may take different forms and refer to many types of communication. But statistics show that live chat has a 73% satisfaction rate, in comparison with email at 61% and phone at 44%.

Facebook decided to help online retailers demonstrate their best customer service, thank customers and promote a friendly environment. It introduced the “Very responsive to messages” badge that appears on profile sidebars.

But there is one condition - to receive the badge, your Facebook Business Page has to achieve a 90% response rate and median response time of 5 minutes over 7 consecutive days. So, now you have enough time (till Black Friday) to acheive it. We offer you to focus on this issue and do everything possible to speed up response times.

In this article, we have shown you how Facebook Business Page can help to spend holiday time more profitable. Now it is time to use our tips so that they bring the best results for your ecommerce business. If you still have some questions, our Sam Ecommerce Magento Development experts will be happy to help you! Read more about Black Friday sales:

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