Black Friday and Cyber Monday Email Marketing Deals

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They bring a great profit to the companies. Before this peak sales time, sellers start to offer shoppers great deals. They use email to inform shoppers, as it is the quickest and the most reliable method. Last week, we wrote about Magento holiday marketing tips, and now we would like to tell you about the best Holiday Email Marketing Offers.

So, what are the main Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?

Holiday Emails Start the Day Before

Subscribers usually receive marketing emails from English and American retailers, who offer discounts in the week leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However,  Black Friday is not mentioned in these email messages until the day before. Now, it is hard to find this year holiday sale offers, that is why we have decided to outline the best previous year examples. They will show you how to create email announcements for 2015 holiday season successfully.

Send a Simple Sale Ad Email

Generally, todays customers expect to be offered huge discounts. And you should not disappoint them. Look at the photo below, Kate Spade company offers to save up to 75% on Black Friday. This email clearly announces the sale and has a focused call-to-action.

cyber monday mail sale

Sometimes, using simple methods is the best way to succeed.

Offer Special Gifts

In case when your company cannot offer store-wide sales, a free gift with a minimum purchase amount would be good enough. For example, SkinCeuticals created a free gift (a SkinCeuticals cosmetics bag) for those, who would order over 175$. The announcement design is catching. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. The wording “Last Chance” stands out to motivate shoppers act fast.

SkinCeuticals black friday email gift

Animated Emails as The Most Catching Method

Some big companies prefer to use image animations to make their announcement more catchy and inform people about coming sales. But it is important to remember that announcement should be not only bright, but also informative. Here we use a photo with Cyber Monday sale offer as an example.

cyber monday kate spade

This announcement provides you with all necessary details: the discount, the code and the day the sale ends.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Giveaway

Also we have found a lot of examples when companies decide to use Giveaway contests to attract visitors to their sites. This method can make holiday shopping time even more exciting.

black friday giveaway email marketing makes their customers more interested in shopping during a holiday period by using a Giveaway contest. They make it possible for their customers to chose the contest prize amount other products.

Almost Sold Out

One more good method is indicating limited time sales. To produce a sense of urgency, you can use such elements as “Almost sold out!”, “Moving fast”, “Only one left” or “Last Chance” (like in the previous photo). When people read it, they start to feel that they may miss something important. They do not want to make such a mistake and decide to buy your product.

black friday cyber monday email marketing

As you see, email marketing can really drive ecommerce. When social media just informs people about your online business, a long-time friend email helps you to build real and stable relationship with your customers. Keep in mind these useful tricks, and Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday will certainly bring you a great profit.

If you still have some questions, contact our Sam Ecommerce experts and they will help you!

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