Black Friday 2015 General Results

black friday 2015 results

The term “Black Friday” appeared in the USA to mark the start of the major shopping season. Let’s look in the past! What can we see? When holidays was coming, parents took their kids to visit Santa and bought new toys for them. These days were family holidays. It was the time to spend with the nearest and dearest. People went for high spirits, rather than to buy something. 

But times go on and everything changes. Recent years, Black Friday has become a part of the UK’s, German, Italian, French, Australian and many other countries’ calendars too. Now, parents leave their kids at home and go out to fight for the biggest deals ever. Women are hunting for clothes from the latest collections, while their husbands are trying to find new snow tires with studs for their adorable vehicles. Holiday period has become very busy. On Black Friday, streets and shopping centers are crowded and people stand in long queues waiting for their turn. It is likely that the quality of marketing services has become higher and has led to such changes. However, more experienced shoppers know how to avoid all these inconveniences. They prefer to shop online using PC, tablets and smartphones. It allows them to save time and sometimes even money. 

Black Friday - What has changed over time?

Store Sales

Generally, we write only about things, which are directly connected with ecommerce. But, in this article we want to give you a brief overview regarding in-store sales. It is important as in such a way you will have a chance to compare all sales results. On Black Friday, the amount of sales started to decrease by early afternoon. On Saturday, sales were normal as on other usual shopping days. Sunday showed the same results as this day retailers started to prepare for Cyber Monday busy shopping time and customers were waiting for tomorrow great deals. Stability is good, but we can observe that more and more offline retailers start to open their own online stores to bring sales to the next level. In most cases, it doubles company income. 

Online Shopping

Let’s look what was happening with online sales? 

Speaking about shopping through desktops, we can say that it is still popular. However, customers preferences change year after year. And this season showed that smaller devices, for example tablets, were in higher demand. A lot of ecommerce experts forecasted that mobile shopping would increase this year. And they did not miscalculate. During two days, one third of all online buyers have used their mobile devices to make a purchase. This year numbers really have hit record highs and reached 22% of online sales. Generally, Black Friday revenue amounts to $583 million. And such success is easy to explain. It is significantly easier and more convenience to buy through the Internet. You have an opportunity to save time and money needed to get to the point-of-sale. And also you have an opportunity not to be tied to one place and buy product on the go. 

Black Friday in Numbers

This year, Black Friday shopping results are shocking. Online holiday sales have  been up 21.5 % over the same day in 2014. Adobe informs that shoppers have spent $4.45 billion online on Black Friday weekends. The average spending per person has totaled nearly $300. If we compare the amount of people who have shopped in person and online, we will see that it is almost the same. A number of those who have continued to follow traditional methods is 102 million. While a number of new technologies users is 103 million. Most shoppers have been under the age of 30. 

In the USA, according to IBM Watson Trend, the list of this year top products includes Samsung TVs, Apple Watch, Sony TVs, Beats by Dre, LG TVs. Clothes also were in demand, especially in shops like Saks 5th Ave and Lord & Taylor. Apple company extended its Black Friday deals to Australia. But, despite this, prices were not reduced on the Apple Store. Instead, Apple dedicated fans got Apple Store Gift Cards worth up to $150. Moreover, customers had an opportunity to get gift card worth $50 and even more after they had already made a purchase. 

Recent years Black Friday popularity has been growing in Britain and Germany too. Today, Tesco, Amazon, Asda, Argos, John Lewis and Boots are among big name UK retailers that offer special deals and discounts. For example, Amazon was launching every day deals with many products reduced by as much as 70%. Argos offered special deals three days prior to Black Friday. This campaign was called “Red, White, And Blue Fridays”. In the UK as well as in Germany also there was a huge jump in sales in comparison with 2014, and more than one-third of customers used mobile devices to make a purchase. Thanks to online shopping, customers who do not live in the US do not need to fly to this country in search of special deals. They have an opportunity to buy any product from their home country. But it is important to make sure that the chosen company can ship products to them.

Conclusion on Black Friday

Having analyzed all data, we can make a conclusion that Black Friday becomes more and more popular each year. International retailers do not miss a chance to earn and customers to save their money. Next two weeks are expected to be calm. The first wave of crazy shopping days has died down. And consequently retailers will see a slowdown in sales. However, let’s look at this situation from other side. The whole trade world is waiting for the next holiday sales period and such “timeout” will let store owners and sales managers to prepare everything for one more not less busy shopping period. Having got such successful Black Friday experience, online retailers are expecting to have a very merry Christmas shopping season. More information you can find here: 

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