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Best Design Practices for Magento Store main

Building the correct and competent design of an online commerce website is not an easy task. There are many different aspects to consider and keep in mind. So you need to be fully prepared to create a website design.

Let's start with specific numbers. The Hub Spot website has conducted research and has concluded that more than 70% of users expect the site to be easy to navigate and quickly find what they need. You can see more detailed research results in the image below.

The most important factor in a website's design

Today we will break down some of the best website design practices that will make your Magento store look nice and provide you with great profits. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Simplified Navigation is a Must

Navigation is the cornerstone of e-commerce website design. Your task is to simplify it as much as possible and speed up the user's search for the product they need. Let's take a look at some great ways to help you with this.

Menu Page Prevails

For the correct implementation of this point, we advise you to carefully work out the categories and what goods will be included in them. Simply dumping the entire assortment of goods in the wrong form can scare away the buyer. 

We advise you to create a top menu that will include the main product categories on your site (the number of categories depends on your quantity of products and how you have categorized them). When a customer clicks on one of the categories, they will be taken to a separate page with a menu, where all products in that category will be shown.

Work out a Convenient Search

This tool once works to speed up searching for the buyer’s right product, which we talked about earlier. An ordinary search is quite trivial and boring and will not affect the website design’s overall situation. 

However, it would be wise to improve the search by adding an autocomplete system that will give the buyer clues based on what the buyer enters into the search using a dropdown list.

Grant your Buyers a Filtering Option

Filters are another tool that affects the speed of a buyer’s search for goods. Thanks to them, the buyer can set specific parameters, for example, if they do not remember the exact name of the goods or want to see various analogs of familiar goods. 

The more options you add, the better. Sorting from new to old products, sorting by price, rating, purchase popularity. And this is not the whole list of criteria that can be added.

Homepage Must Be Informative as Possible

Homepage design is one of the main hooks that will help keep shoppers on your site and push them to purchase. Your job is to ensure that your home page is as informative as possible, so we advise you to ensure that your page has the following elements:

  • A brief description of what your business is doing;
  • The search bar we talked about earlier;
  • Top 10 most successful products or a selection of promotional offers;
  • Small block with customer ratings and reviews of your services;
  • Various calls-to-action;
  • Links to social networks and other contact information;

Combining these points will provide a clean yet informative design that quickly communicates to shoppers exactly what you are selling and what shoppers can find from you.

Make an Easy-to-Catch Navigation Through Your Website

Have you ever noticed how fast and smooth navigation on the site always brings pleasure and yourself unwittingly staying on the site? For this magic to work in your online store, you must provide an equally enjoyable experience for your customers. Fortunately, we have prepared a few tricks that will definitely help you with this.

The Fewer Unnecessary Clicks - the Better

The number of clicks that your customer makes when performing certain operations on your site indicates how well you thought about the flow on the site. And the more clicks customers make, the worse. 

The principle seems to be clear, but how can it be implemented? For example, simplify the final checkout process. Users are terrified of it if it is too confused and loaded with countless fields to fill in with information, and most likely, the buyer will abandon the purchase unfinished, and this is an unwanted loss in profit. You can use various extensions to simplify the design, for example, OneStepCheckout and many others.

OneStepCheckout Magento Extension

Utilize Social Networks for Convenient Log-in

Back to the sheer number of fields and the fact that buyers don't like it. This rule applies not only to the checkout process but also during the first registration. Minimize the number of filled fields and use popular social networks to enter your website. Users will be happy to see that your site can be accessed with one click using their Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media accounts. 

Login with socials

Wrapping Things Up

We've shown you some of the ways you can provide an enjoyable user experience on your website through thoughtful design. These methods will perfectly complement and transform the look of your site. But you shouldn't forget that you will make your customers happy thanks to them, and they will come to you for purchases even more often.

And that’s all for now. We hope you find this article interesting. If you have any ideas on how to transform your Magento store, do not hesitate and write to us and our Team of Magento 2 Developers and they will help you to bring your ideas to life.

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