Best Magento Extensions for 2017

Best Magento extensions for 2017

Magento is the most flexible and, as the result, the most popular platform for eCommerce: according to the information given on the official Magento Web page, more than 250,000 merchants all over the world (in the USA, the UK, Germany, etc.) choose this very platform to keep up with their customers' trends. Although Magento offers so many advantages, it cannot meet all personal needs; for this reason, the shop owner should get several additional extensions. In this article, we will describe five best Magento extensions picked out by our developers.

SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx

There is no need to describe how important SEO is to people who run an eCommerce business. Much more beneficial would be the information about the ways in which it can be improved, and one of them is to get a Magento extension. We think that SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx is the best extension for this case.

SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx general settings

This extension provides the store owner with the following functionalities:

  • Canonical URLs and Alternate URLs features solve duplicate content issues: with the help of the first one Google is notified which of the pages with similar content is the preferred one and which should be ignored, and with the help of the latter one Google makes the difference between the main page and the one written in an alternative language.
  • Meta Robots function of the extension improves the process of website indexation and crawling: forbids the access for search engine bots to private and insignificant pages and, at the same time, shows the way to the essential content.
  • HTML Sitemap makes it easier for the visitors of the e-store to overview its structure and find the desired product.
  • Cross Links arrange a structure of SEO-friendly internal site links, connecting thematically resembling pages.
  • Product and Category SEO Templates functionality automatically operates the process of metadata optimization.
  • Redirects function prevents customers from getting on the "404 Not Found" page.

These are just a handful of advantages one gains, getting this must-have extension. We recommend it as the best one because we are sure that this extension will exceed all your expectations.

Sphinx Search Ultimate by Mirasvit

Product search is the initial interaction between the potential buyer and e-store; in case the first two-three requests are unsuccessful, the shopper usually abandons the site and looks for a necessary item somewhere else. To prevent that, the shop owner should be attentive to their product search. Magento out-of-the-box searching engine does not satisfy everyone, fortunately, Magento Connect has a wide range of extensions that can improve the process. One of such extensions is Sphinx Search Ultimate by Mirasvit, and we think it is the best one.

Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate example

This Magento extension is the core product of Mirasvit and comprises their other three extensions, namely Search Spell-Correction, Search Autocomplete and Suggestions, and Advanced Sphinx Search Pro; therefore, this one extension possesses the advantages of other three. The advantages are the following:

  • Speed. This extension is able to perform 500 queries per second among 1,000,000 items.
  • Relevant results. The customer gets only accurate results.
  • Search by various content kinds, such as by blog, by CMS pages, or by Catalog Products, Categories, and Attributes, etc.
  • Autocomplete. Typing the name of the product, the customer can see several suggestions and can make their decision faster.
  • Spell correction. Supposing the customer does not know how to spell the name of the product properly, the extension suggests a correct variant.
  • Fallback search. If t is impossible to find the exact phrase, the customer gets the results for the part of it.
  • Pushing out-of-the-stock items to the end.

On the whole, Sphinx Search Ultimate is a fast and easy-to-configure Magento extension that is recommended by 99% reviewers on Magento Connect.

Feed Pro by GoMage

To boost the sales a lot of shop owners use not only their e-stores but also numerous online marketplaces, for example, Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Shopzilla, and so on. In this way, merchants attract new customers from all over the world and, consequently, sell more products. Among all Magento extensions, which help merchants export product feed files to different shopping engines, our developers think Feed Pro by GoMageas is the best one.

GoMage Feed Pro supports these Shopping engines

Feed is a file that contains essential data about the products of the e-store. With the help of the recommended extension, the process of creating and exporting feeds in CSV, TXT, or XML formats seems very easy. The merchant can

  • choose which products or categories to export
  • generate automatically the unlimited number of feeds and export them via FTP/SFTP/SSH to a particular shopping system
  • configure peculiar cases thanks to dynamic attributes option, that means, handle the export of products with specific characteristics
  • enjoy the benefits of the open source code, therefore, customize the performance and design.

GoMage team works hard to make their extension work faster. For the time being, their Feed Manager for Magento 2 requires approximately six minutes to generate 60,000 items. Soon we will meet the new version of the extension for Magento 1 (v 4.0) that will work as fast as the one for Magento 2.

To sum up, this outstanding extension helps shop owners easily list their product feeds on multiple Web sites.

Advanced Reviews and Reminders Extension for Magento by Plumrocket

Generally, customers base their decision whether to buy the product on reviews shared by previous shoppers. Positive comments increase the level of trust to the e-store, therefore, raise the rate of conversion. To encourage customers to share their opinion, shop owners can use special extensions. To our mind, the best one is Advanced Reviews and Reminders Extension for Magento by Plumrocket.

Plumrocket Advanced  Reviews and Reminders Extension Review submission form

Having this extension at hand, the merchant becomes able to

  • send letters to buyers, reminding them to leave a comment on a purchase
  • be notified about new reviews and supervise their quality, marking them as pending comments until the admin checks and confirms them
  • add reCaptcha validation feature to avoid spam
  • choose the number and order in which the reviews appear
  • add such options as advantages and disadvantages of the product, summery, and surveys to the review submission form.

From our point of view, this Magento extension brings excellent experience to the user as it is easy to install, modify, and administer.

Retailer Kit by Magestore

If you do not want to buy must-have Magento extensions one by one, Retailer Kit by Magestore will be the best choice. Retailer Kit includes eleven (ten for Magento 2) sufficiently-integrated extensions, which can be bought individually, too. All these extensions are divided into four groups:

  • The first group was designed to draw customers' attention (Affiliate Plus, Store Locator, Store Pickup).
  • The second one — to increase the selling process (Web POS, Retailer POS (Retailer Kit for Magento 2 lacks this one), One Step Checkout).
  • The third group of extensions can help merchants to keep their customers (Gift Card, Reward Points, Store Credit).
  • The fourth group includes two extensions that simplify the administration tasks (PDF Invoice, Inventory Plus).

Retailer Kit by Magestore blurs the line between your phisical and digital stores

All these eleven well-combined Magento extensions provide the merchant with the perfect solution for online as well as for offline business. These extensions can be easily accessed and managed through an app dashboard in backend.

We think Retailer Kit is the best solution as it simply contains everything one may need to thoroughly manage a store. 

We have shared the list of our favorite extensions because we want our readers and clients to enjoy the best-quality products for Magento and Magento 2 platforms. In case you need any help with your eCommerce business, our Team of Developers is ready to help you!

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