Is Back-to-School Retail Season Right for You?

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Back-to-school season is the time when students together with their parents begin preparing the supplies and clothing necessary for school or college. In the USA, Canada, and Europe this season usually begins in the middle of June and lasts till the beginning (or sometimes middle) of September. In this article, we’re going to discuss whether the back-to-school season works for eCommerce business and the best selling products of the season as well as present the dates of tax-free weekends.

Let’s Talk About Numbers

eMarketer anticipates that back-to-school sales will grow in the USA up to $857.2 billion in 2017, that is 4% more in comparison to the last year numbers.

If we talk about the total amount of annual sales, the back-to-school retail season makes up to 17% of yearly sales. And this fact puts the back-to-school season on the second position among the biggest retailing periods leaving the first position to Christmas sales.

Online stores win the majority of customers in this period as young consumers prefer to buy goods on the Internet rather than in brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, during the back-to-school season, US eCommerce is going to make transaction worth of $37.56 billion.

Best Sellers during the Back-to-School Season

You can surely guess that the most required items during the back-to-school season are office supplies and equipment as well as books and video. Computers and other portable electronic devices are also in high demand. Don’t forget about toys and goods for hobbies, for example, items for different kinds of sports.

Clothing is one more segment among back-to-school best sellers. Traditionally, customers preferred to buy clothing and accessories in offline stores. But the situation changes in the favor of online stores. Probably, it happens because of the shoppers' age.

Tax-Free Weekends in States in 2017

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During the back-to-school season, the state governments of several US states don’t collect taxes on some items. As this period lasts one weekend, it’s called Tax-Free Weekend or Sales-Tax Holiday.

Tax-free weekend differs from state to state. Below, we’re going to present the dates of the tax-free weekend in 17 US states. It was decided to cancel the tax-free holiday in Massachusetts.

State Items Dates
Alabama Clothing, electronic devices, books, stationery July 21-23rd, 2017
Mississippi Clothing and shoes July 28-30th, 2017*
Tennessee Clothing, stationery, electronic devices July 28-30th, 2017
Iowa Clothing August 4-5th, 2017
Louisiana The first $2,500 on personal items August 4-5th, 2017
Missouri Clothing, electronic devices, stationery August 4-6th, 2017
New Mexico Clothing, electronic devices and equipment, stationery August 4-6th, 2017
Ohio Clothing and stationery August 4-6th, 2017
Oklahoma Clothing August 4-6th, 2017
South Carolina Clothing, electronic devices, stationery August 4-6th, 2017
Virginia Clothing and stationery August 4-6th, 2017
Arkansas Clothing and stationery August 5-6th, 2017
Taxes Clothing, backpacks, stationery August 11-13th, 2017
Maryland Clothing and shoes August 13-19th, 2017
Connecticut Clothing and shoes August 20-26th, 2017
Georgia Clothing, electronic devices, stationery Cancelled
Florida Clothing, electronic devices, stationery August 4-6th, 2017*

*not verified dates.

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Don’t miss the chance to participate in back-to-school retail season and try out new special deals and offers.

Get Ready for the Back-to-School Retail Season

According to the researches done during the first quarter of 2017, 53% of traffic to e-stores and 32% of orders worldwide were done from smartphones (the US data don’t differ significantly: 54% of visitors were mobile users, and 34% of orders were done from smartphones). Although the majority of e-store visitors are smartphone users, 56% of orders are still done from desktops. However, Euromonitor International anticipates that mobile orders will grow up to 43% by 2020.

We recommend you to check whether your site is mobile friendly before the second biggest retail season of the year begins. In case you need help, Our Team of Dedicated Developers is ready to help you!

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