Featured Products 3 by aheadWorks: Our review of the extension

aheadWorks Featured Products 3 extension

aheadWorks is an innovative Magento extension developer that focuses on providing small and medium-sized businesses with the best in class solution. aheadWorks delivers first-rate Magento templates, themes, and extensions, one of which we are going to review. 

Featured Products 3 is one of the most popular aheadWorks extensions. As we can understand from the name, there must exist Featured Products 1 and Featured Products 2, and they did exist until the launch of Featured Products 3, which is considered as the next generation of featured products extensions. That is why aheadWorks has stopped developing the first two versions and concentrated the attention on the last one. Now we are going to see in what it has resulted. 

How Do Featured Products Blocks Look Like?

In the beginning, let’s have a look at Featured Products Blocks that can be arranged with the help of the aheadWorks extension. The blocks can be displayed on any page of the store (on the Homepage, Category, Product, Shopping Cart, Checkout or Customer’s Account page) and wherever on the page you want (before or after the content, to the left or to the right of it, in the header or footer, etc.). According to the place of displaying, products can be presented either vertically or horizontally. 

The example of Featured Products Slider

Featured Products blocks can obtain the form of slider or grid. Whichever form you choose, there can be displayed the name of the product, its description, price, and “Add to the Cart” button if enabled. In case you choose the grid form of the block, you can also show the rating of the product, at the same time, in case your prefer the slider, you can showcase the products in a catchy way: they will fade and appear, slide up and down or left and right, or the customer can slide the products manually. Products featured in such blocks look really appealing, and it is what the merchant needs: a lot of customers follow their emotions and buy products spontaneously. 

The example of Featured Products Grid with rating

Now, we know how the e-store can look like with Featured Products Blocks, let’s have a look at the backend of the extension.

How to Set Up Featured Products Blocks?

With the help of Admin Panel, you can add a new block, see the list of existing blocks and edit them. To add a new block, you have to fill in the information into the General, Representation and Automation sections

General Section

In the General section, the admin should define 

  • Block Name
  • ID
  • Status (enabled or disabled)
  • Store View (define the store where the block will appear)
  • Representation (Slider or Grid)
  • Automatic layout position (Left Column, Right Column, Before Content, None)

Add New Featured Products Block General Section

Here, we have to make a break and talk about the choice None in the Automatic layout position field. Featured Products allows the admin to insert the block manually if its position is not defined. In this case, you can place the block with the help of any of the following methods:

  • CMS
  • Widget (fill the fields with appropriate information)
  • Layout (edit the aw_featured.xml file)

Featured Products Block possible layout

Representation Settings

In this section, the admin can configure the way the block will be displayed: whether it will show the name of the product, its details and price, and “Add to cart” button. However, the fields in the Representation Settings section will differ as they depend on your choice of Representation (Grid or Slider) in the General Settings. For example, for Slider Representation the admin additionally has to choose the Switch effect (Simple Slider, Slide Up and Slide Down, Blind Up and Blind Down, Fade and Appear) and its speed, which is of no use for the Grid Representation and not presented in the settings. 

Representation settings for Featured Products Slider and Featured Products Grid

Automation Settings

In this section, the admin selects which products to feature: the most popular are best selling products and new arrivals. The extension suggests six groups of products and allows the admin to define them automatically. They are

  • Top Sellers — in this group will be shown only best-selling products
  • Recently Added — will present new arrivals
  • Top Rated — will demonstrate the products with the highest rating
  • Most Reviewed — will display only the products that have the highest number of reviews.
  • Current Category Products — will showcase any products that are included in the currently viewed category.
  • Random Products — as we can understand from the name, will show the defined number of random items.

The extension doesn’t restrict the admin with these six types of products as it gives the opportunity to disable automation and select items manually. To do this, one just has to choose None when defining the Automation Type and choose which products to advertise.

Automation type none: select the products manually

Compatibility and Additional Information

Featured Products 3 by aheadWorks is compatible with Magento Community Edition — and Magento Enterprise Edition — Unfortunately, this extension isn’t yet compatible with Magento 2.

If you use Community Edition, the extension will cost you $149. The extension compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition costs $839. In case you need more information or want to buy the extension, press the button here 

If you need any help with installing Featured Products 3 or any other extension, our Magento Developers a ready to help you!

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