Adobe Summit and Magento Imagine 2020

Adobe Summit and Magento Imagine 2020

Each year, Adobe delighted us with its bright event, the Adobe summit, of which Magento Imagine is a part. Every year, thousands of like-minded people and experts in the online commerce industry come together in the main entertainment capital of Las Vegas to share their experiences, tips and also tell the whole world about the latest and greatest innovations in the industry. All this was accompanied by various conferences, speeches by speakers, as well as parties organized by both the organizers and the community members. However, because of the outbreak of the coronavirus this year, Adobe had to make major changes and in order to comply with quarantine, the entire exhibition was held completely online, which was the first time in history. And now we will talk about the main points of this event.

The Adobe Summit began on March 31 and all that was submitted was free for everyone. All you had to do to access everything is to register on the site and after that you received a letter in your mail saying that access to the conference content was open for you.

The conference, as always, began with a greeting speech by Adobe Inc. Chief Executive Officer Adobe Shantanu Narayen. He talked about why and how the decision was made to completely convert the exhibition into an online form. He also introduced the Adobe Digital Economy Index. This program was developed to analyze a large number of transactions in a huge array of products, which helps to analyze which products are most often bought, which is very useful for e-commerce in times of crisis.

Also, Adobe Sneaks 2020 took place as part of the event. A smart presentation that showed prototypes of truly amazing technologies that will soon be available to everyone. But just before the presentation of the prototypes, the presentation host Steve Hammond announced that everyone can vote for the prototype he likes on the special page of Adobe website. This will help prototypes become real technologies in the future. And now briefly about them:

  • Project Segment Scout: thanks to it, you can add attributes or events to create convenient client segments.
  • Project Access Ace: this prototype is designed for people with physical disabilities and will help people with low vision or impaired vision to fully enjoy digital content.
  • Project Bon Voyage: a kind of system of goals and achievements that you can set for yourself and track progress and mistakes along the way of achieving goals.
  • Project Gluestick: a tool that has an interface and without code allows you to develop automations.
  • Project Snippets: the tool helps with the automatic personalization of teasers among the audience.
  • Project Dually Noted: Many times simplifies the collection and analysis and preparation of digital marketing materials.
  • Project Clothes Swap: greatly facilitates the online shopping of clothes and makes the process much more obvious and intuitive.

Adobe Summit and Magento Imagine 2020

In addition, site visitors could go to the Innovations page and in 6 sessions they were told about various new products and ideas that will facilitate your work. All speakers held excellent presentations where they shared their experience and tips for improving the quality of customer service, which is very important for the e-commerce industry. The most important announcements presented at the events was the presentation of the new version of Magento and the estimated release date of the update. Magento 2.4 will be released in the third quarter of 2020. Also, innovations and improvements in this version were briefly described, which will make the work even more productive. Briefly about them:

  • PWA for B2B and a full set of extensions for the market.
  • Integration with Adobe Stock Images, which allows you to conveniently license and add images and insert them into the preview on the site.
  • Confirmation of orders in the external interface.
  • Redesigned and updated online payments and much more.

If this is not enough, you can visit other pages with presentations. The Adobe website has more than 2 dozen pages of recordings, so you can watch and learn about various new products and tips from various speakers and key figures of online sales.

Let's summarize. We saw firsthand that Adobe had carefully prepared and done a lot of work so that the experience you could get from the event was no worse than the usual and familiar live event. Despite the fact that we are all used to live communication, the event in the format of online conferences was very convenient. You watch presentations while sitting in the comfort of your home and you can stop the presentation at any time convenient for you to take notes or to warm yourself a cup of aromatic coffee. You can also return to presentations that you may have missed and see them, or if you have such a desire to review the presentations again. Be that as it may, Adobe held a great event and perhaps the online component will become an integral part of this event in the future. Time will tell, but for now feel free to write to us and our Team of Magento 2 Developers and share your impressions of this event.

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