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Successful email marketing. Mailbox

If used correctly, emails can bring the relationships with your customers to a more intimate level because email is one of the most direct mediums of communication. In the article, we’re going to answer the most popular questions about email marketing.

Is Email Marketing Killed Dead or Still Alive and Kicking?

The first email was sent long ago in 1971. Now, 46 years later, emails may seem ancient since different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter gained popularity. In this day and age, they are considered to be the best mediums for advertising campaigns. Is email marketing really dead or you can still make use of it? Let’s look at numbers: 

  • Globally, there are 4.9 billion email users for the time being. 
  • The majority of people prefer to get commercial offers and promotions via emails.
  • 70% of customers do use the received coupons. 
  • Getting special offers is the top reason for subscribing to an email list. 
  • Emails are unbelievably cost effective — they have such high ROI as 122%, according to the Direct Marketing Association. 
  • Email marketing campaigns are eco-friendly — you can save a tree (or 100 of trees)
  • Checking emails is the 3rd popular smartphone activity.
  • 50% of American marketers want to continue spending the same amount of money on email campaigns as they used to, and the other 50% want to increase their budget.

Is email marketing dead? Not at all! There is life in the old dog yet!

What Emails People Want to Receive?

Opened letter

What Is the Perfect Email Content?

The content of your emails MUST BE

  • Useful
  • Interesting

People interact with each other when it is either useful or interesting. Therefore, being uninteresting, being boring is “a crime”, and each “criminal” will be punished. Don’t be them! Focus on what the customer feels, wants, needs. You won’t make a mistake if you offer them something truly valuable, something worth their precious time. Win your customers love and trust sending them beneficial information in 95 cases out of 100 and advertising your company in other 5

When advertising, don’t forget to use some of these persuasive techniques:

  • Repetition is one of rhetoric techniques, but use it wisely: don’t be repetitive, better tell the same thing in several different ways.
  • Explain why your customers should do something. According to psychologists, stating reasons is the best call to action.
  • Illustrate a problem and then come up with the solution. It’s a classic (but still effective) marketing technique.
  • Reply to possible objections. Someone will definitely come up with them, so be a step ahead.
  • Use casual language.

What Emails Get Opened?

Those emails get opened which promise to be useful. How can they do that? The answer is simple: with their subject line!

If you want your emails get opened, the subject line MUST BE:

  • Useful — it promises to provide beneficial information.
  • Specific — the subject line promises to solve a specific problem.
  • Urgent when useful — when there is a real deadline.
  • Short — try to convey how useful, specific, and urgent the information is with 5-7 words; otherwise, the subject line will be truncated and will lose its power.

Do Mobile Users Read Emails?

Reading emails is the 3rd most popular activity for smartphone users

According to, reading emails is the third most popular smartphone activity after calling and texting (social platforms hold the fourth place). We are sure you do read emails on your smartphone, too. 

Unfortunately, there are some obstacles that prevent mobile users from enjoying emails. What are they and how can you improve mobile users’ experience?

  • Add a plain text version of each email message because not all mobile readers support HTML.
  • Do not overcrowd your links. Make them stand out on their own — it will streamline the clicking process for your devoted mobile users.
  • Use alt tags for images correctly. Images may be invisible, and an alternative way of making them visible is to describe them using words. It is the only purpose for using alt tags.
  • Make your calls to actions easily to find. For example, place them near to the beginning of the message.

When and How Often Should I Send Marketing Emails?

It is the general truth that emails should be sent from Tuesday till Thursday. Of course, any business emails shouldn’t be sent on the weekend. Monday isn’t good for emails because the working week starts and people have a lot of tasks to do. Friday is also forbidden because everyone tries to finish their work and all they can think about is their plans for the weekend. 

Is it really so? Perhaps, if you work at a B2B company, it is. B2B business gets better responses on emails sent during the week. B2C business is something different. Here you have to...experiment. Each B2C company has its own best time for emailing: whether it is after hours or on the weekend. There is no single right answer. You have to discover it by yourself.

Clock. The best time for sending emails

According to the data taken from, almost the half of respondents prefer to receive emails once a week. Will it work for everyone? Hardly. Therefore, we suggest you either to experiment or ask subscribers how often they want to get your emails: every day, every week, or every month. 

How to Get Subscribers on the Email List?

The subscribers on your email list are your long-term income. What can you do to get more subscribers?

  • People are social human beings. We all need communications and groups. Give people what they need: offer them to subscribe and become a part of a group, or even better — to become a part of an exclusive group!
  • Telling what to do usually works better than asking. Use direct language: instead of “Why not to subscribe?” use “Subscribe today and start enjoying the benefits!”.
  • Overcome mental objections of your future subscribers. Think about the fears they may have: “I’ll receive plenty of spam”, “The messages will bore me to death”, “It will be impossible to unsubscribe”, etc. Try to eliminate these fears thoroughly describing what your subscribers get, how often, and how they can unsubscribe.
  • Offer your subscribers a present: send them a free ebook, an exclusive video, a mind-blowing podcast. Everyone loves presents!

To sum up, emails are still alive and can bring you benefit. Social platforms are great for hanging out, sharing links, and liking content. But when it comes to commerce, you need a more intimate medium such as email. Just remember:

  • Keep the language simple.
  • Build personal relationships.
  • Send really valuable information.
  • Continue experimenting.
  • Keep in mind your mobile audience.

Share with us your experience in email marketing! In case you need help with your Magento store, feel free to contact our Certified Magento developers!

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