ProxiBlue Dynamic Category Products: Our overview of the Magento extension.

ProxiBlue Dynamic Category Products: Our overview of the Magento extension

Supposing you’ve decided to start eCommerce business and create a store that contains hundreds of thousands of products which differ in the supplied categorisation and amount of description, how would you associate all these products with your peculiar categories? If manually, it will take ages. Therefore, you need a solution that will allow you to do it automatically. We recommend you to go with ProxiBlue Dynamic Category Products. Below, you can find the reasons why we stick to this Magento extension.

The Reasons to Get Dynamic Category Products Magento Extension by ProxiBlue?

Dynamic Category Products extension makes the process of assigning products to specified categories as easy as one, two, three. It allows you to arrange as many categories as you can think of, for example, you can create such categories as “Best Sellers”, “Sale”, “Defined Brand or Color”, and so on without any limits. To create a new category you need to click the “Plus” symbol in the Admin Panel and state a new rule following the provided hints. If a product matches the rule or the combination of rules, it will be automatically assigned to a category. And again, there are no limits as for the number of rules and their combinations. Moreover, you still can manually add a product to a category even if it has defined rules.

With this Magento extension, the category update is no longer a problem as this process is being done automatically via several cron jobs. That means that all categories are rearranged every day in order to show the current state of the associated products. In case an attribute of a product has been changed or a new product has been added, any category that uses this attribute or attributes will be rearranged in a couple of minutes.

The Main Features of the Magento Extension

  • The main ability of this Magento extension is the ability to add products to categories according to created rules. 
  • On Parent Categories, you can arrange rules that will refine all Child Categories. 
  • At 00:00 the extension performs a pre-arranged cron job, which updates the Dynamic Products for which Dynamic Rules were set. 
  • You can create Dynamic Categories, for example, “New Arrivals” or “Sale”, with the help of date range attributes: set the dates and products will be associated with the category on the first and the last of the defined days, and on the days between. As the products are rearranged every night at 00:00, the categories will always stay up to date.
  • The extension allows you to import and export profiles. Just define the store id and the export/import path.
  • With it help, you can copy rules and use them for other categories or test them on another server. 
  • Products for such categories as “Low Stock”, “Bestsellers”, and “Most Viewed” can be supplied from Sales Reports.
  • You also can create categories according to the percentage of discount. 

The example of Dynamic Category Products Magento extension

A Couple of Words about ProxiBlue Team

If you are still not sure whether to choose this very Magento extension, we will tell you a bit about ProxiBlue and they support. ProxiBlue team does everything they can to achieve Magento perfection. For example, they constantly add new features and not any features, but those that users need and ask for. Thanks to this approach, you can enjoy the simple way of creating feeds, use dynamic dates, and assign attributes to products that match the set criteria. Furthermore, ProxiBlue creates open-source Magento extensions, it enables other developers to modify their functions. 

On the whole, ProxiBlue Dynamic Category Products extension is an efficient investment in your Magento store as it will help to spare a number of man hours as well as exclude a possibility of a human error. You just have to define rules to associate products with categories automatically and spend time more efficiently. 

ProxiBlue Dynamic Category Products extension is compatible with all Magento version from CE 1.4 and EE 1.11. In case you need more details or want to buy the extension, use this button.

If you need help with customizing the extension, contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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