3 Moogento Must Have Extensions for Magento Platform

Moogento extensions for Magento

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of features for online businesses. However, as it is not an entire business in a box, its basic setup doesn’t always meet 100% of merchant’s needs. To make the best use of this powerful solution, business owners need to install special extensions available on the Magento marketplace. To make the process of choosing easier, we decided to present you three useful extensions, pickPack, shipEasy and stockEasy, designed by our solution partner - Moogento. They can influence on your Magento business in a variety of ways. 

Moogento as a Solution Provider

Moogento is a leading provider of advanced Magento extensions designed to help process orders more efficiently as well as simplify packing and stocking. Among numerous vendors of Magento extensions, Moogento is considered one of the best solution providers, who always remembers about customers' needs. Working closely with Moogento, we can stay with a full confidence that it is a reliable partner, who follows all standards of high-quality and clear structure of the code and offers only the best Magento solutions. 

Moogento Extensions to Improve Your Pack, Stock and Order Processing

Use of Magento modules helps extend functionality of eCommerce stores and guarantees successful future of businesses. Today, we want to present you two Moogento extensions - pickPack and shipEasy, which have already earned a good reputation among many Magento users. And one more - stockEasy extension that is new on the market. Magento developers have already tested and accepted them, so you can be sure that these are the reliable tools. 

Moogento was founded by Jim Gilbert. Before, he had used Magento to sell clothes online. Thanks to such experience, he has an insider's knowledge of Magento and knows what features of this solution need to be enhanced. Now, on his Moogento site you can find a suite of extensions designed to help business owners carry out their businesses more successfully. All Moogento extensions are created with the use of industry standard best practices. Therefore, they can definitely provide maximum benefits to their users as well as make online businesses more productive and efficient.

Moogento’s pickPack Extension

pickPack Moogento extension Magento

pickPack is Moogento extension designed for Magento stores to help their owners improve the pick and pack processes. Actually, to sell a product is just the beginning. If you want clients to be satisfied with your services, you need to provide not only clear and fast purchasing process, but also timeliness of the delivery. When we speak about invoice and basic packing capabilities, Magento does have all of them in box. But, this platform does not have all the information you may need to pull these orders. Therefore, you need an additional tool in order to be able to offer your customers more options and provide them with good services. 

With pickPack you can upgrade your packing sheets and invoices as well as to process orders faster with improved pick lists:

  • Memorable packing sheets and invoices. When your competitors use standard forms of invoices, you can use something really catchy. It will allow you to differentiate yourself from other merchants and never be forgotten.
  • An opportunity to boost sales. You will be able to add discount coupons and other call-to-actions without any problems. Your printouts will look more presentably. It will allow you quickly gain customers' trust and loyalty. And as a result, you will get more profit.
  • An opportunity to use time more efficiently. Returns information and forms will be included on the sheets. It will be possible to print Invoice/Packing Sheet from customer account page, and in the admin order overview page.
  • Proper packing. You will get the option to add checkboxes, quantity callouts, product options and photos, shelving/warehouse/shipping info, low-stock notices, gift and filtered admin messages.
  • Improved pick and pack processes. If you have an experience of processing orders with Magento, you may face with the challenge of picking products off the warehouse shelves, and preparing them for packing. pickPack simplifies this process with Order-combined and Order-separated pick lists. It enables showing an item list from every selected order, as PDFs or CSVs, with customisable attributes and sorting. pickPack makes it possible to show shipping method to help prioritize expedited orders.
  • Brief summaries. pickPack generates reports on cost and income for separate groups of orders (you just have to pick orders you need). This option makes easier to maintain your company's accounting records. 

One of our clients had unique needs that were not provided by Magento in box. So, we had to find a solution that could help us settle this issue. Having studied the list of pickPack key features, we decided to offer it to our client. And we got money's worth. We managed to enhance our client’s pick/pack processes in the warehouse. We optimized their packing sheets. As a result, the efficiency increased by 25%. Generally, it was easy to work with pickPack. We found this Magento solution to be very responsive, fully featured and highly capable. 

pickPack is compatible with the next Magento versions: 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2

Overall Rating on Magento Connect - 4.9 / 5


Installation is simple. You just need to copy and paste the contents of the App folder over the top of your current installation, after the usual backups. When you’ve cleared the cache you need to see four new options in the Actions menu.

The next video-guide can help with pickPack setup. 

You can get pickPack on the Moogento website or go to Magento connect

[Explore pickPack

Moogento’s shipEasy Extension

shipEasy Moogento extension Magento

shipEasy is the next Moogento extension developed in order to help online merchants to save time by speeding up order processing. This extension makes your order management process run logically, easily, and smoothly. 

The key features list includes:

  • Multiple orders processing. It can be applied via: Barcode-scan (print with pickPack on integrated labels or pick lists), CSV import or mass-action menu in the orders page.
  • An opportunity to save hours. Thanks to the advanced features, the extension ship numerous orders, and alongside this, it is adding their tracking numbers. Therefore, you will no longer need to go into each order to ship or invoice it. It becomes easier to cancel any order, after that, you can return the products to stock and change any order status. With templated values, you can contact customers in one click.
  • Simple editing of order page columns and adding of  “shipEasy power-columns”. It enables changing of any column according to your needs. You can optimize column to show more orders without scrolling. You can make formatting to show only the date you need. You will be able to highlight the row you need with the special color picker and to mark the column with any country flag (it is very useful when you ship abroad).
  • An opportunity to spend less time for staff training. To edit something, your developers just need to click in order. You can see what was ordered, search by customer email to reach ship and invoice orders directly from the grid. Your team will be able to process multiple orders in several seconds. All these options are easy to use and do not require any additional staff training.

shipEasy module was designed by Moogento over the last six years in order to satisfy an actual need in their own physical product store. It has saved and is currently saving their time. Moogento no longer needs as many staff as before, as a result, the price of this extension has become lower. 

shipEasy is compatible with the next Magento versions:, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2

Overall Rating on Magento Connect - 5 / 5

This solution is available on the Moogento website or Magento connect

On YouTube, you can find a video-guide provided by Moogento that will help you set up shipEasy module in a few minutes.

[Explore shipEasy

Moogento’s stockEasy Extension

stockEasy Moogento extension Magento

We have already presented you two the most reputed Moogento solutions, and now we want to move on and tell you about one more Moogento extension - stockEasy. It is created to provide faster and smarter stock control. Despite the fact that it is relatively new on the market, it has already gained the high rating on Magento marketplace and become popular among platform’s users. As the previous two Moogento extensions, it has a wide list of useful features to offer. Today, we want to present them to you in our brief overview: 

  • An opportunity to faster stock control. It enables editing stock in 1-click directly in the Catalog Grid. You just need to enter simple formulas to optimize it. It will automatically set a product to be “In Stock'” in case that qty is above 0. You can optimize the Catalog Product Grid layout by removing columns you do not want to see and add one you need. Also, you can use Barcode Scanning to speed up Stock-imports as well as simplify stock-checks in a few steps. You just need to scan an item and it will show you the location it should be at. You will be able to import together price, cost, qty, end of life and location with CSV import.
  • Smarter Stock Planning. stockEasy will inform you what amount of items you need to purchase, for this time, in order to avoid problems in case of manufacturing delays as well as to have some amount of items to sell.
  • Customized catalogue. You will be able to hide a column you do not need to see in one click. Also, it will be possible to change a column position as well as edit its title. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to add Moogento advanced columns (iVelocity, iRestock and Sold), to see how many of each item have been sold. 
  • Advanced “Stock Status” - smartStock. shipEasy adds a “stock status” column that shows with a simple 'traffic light' system for that order's skus' current stock level. Any merchant will undoubtedly benefit from such feature. Imagine, you do not have enough items to make the sale. As a result, your customer gets annoyed. If you have too many items in stock, then you lose money in stock depreciation. Sometimes, it happens that a merchant sells a product to a customer when it is actually out-of-stock. In this case, a merchant looks unprofessional and his current customers can decide no longer buy his products. With smartStock you won’t face with this problem.
  • Auto-emailed stock alerts and reports. You won’t need to carry about running out of stock. stockEasy will email an alert you as soon as active stock reaches a certain level. You will be able to send restock requests to each supplier automatically. 

stockEasy is compatible with the next Magneto platform versions: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2

Overall Rating on Magento Connect - 5 / 5

This solution is available on the Moogento website or Magento connect

[Explore stockEasy

This is our list of trusted and valuable Moogento extensions we recommend to our merchants. It is not a review of each extension, it is just a brief overview. We want to let you evaluate them by yourself. Have you already used some of the described Moogento extensions? Leave your feedback in our comments' field. Tell us what you like about them. It will help other readers, who probably do not use these tools, to see all opportunities they offer. If you have any additional questions, just contact us and we will be happy to answer them!

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