Meet Magento Events in October- November 2016: How to Choose Which One to Attend?

Meet Magento Events 2016

Fall is a season full of different Magento conferences. Today, we want to pay your attention to a wide chain of Meet Magento events held in October and November 2016. This year they take place in such countries as: the USA (New York), Greece (Athens), Vietnam (Hanoi), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Spain (Madrid), Romania (Cluj-Napoca), Japan (Tokyo). These two months are going to be very busy, so everyone has to choose which conferences to attend. Our today’s article is a quick rundown of each event as well as a guidance on how to make the right choice. 

Meet Magento Conferences 2016

Firstly, we want to list all fall Meet Magento conferences in the calendar order with a brief overview of each one. After every description we place a link to this event’s website, where you can find all necessary details regarding conference time, venue, speakers, sponsors, agenda, etc. So, let’s start with the conference that has been already held. 

Meet Magento NY 2016

Meet Magento New York 2016

Meet Magento New York 2016 initiated by Interactiv4 and Atwix was held on 5th of October. It was focused on online business, eCommerce, Magento platform and its regional ecosystem. To know more about this event, you can read our previous article 15 Must Do’s at Meet Magento New York 2016. Also, there you can find some tips on participation in such kinds of conferences. 

Date: 5th of October

Location: City Winery, New York

We are not going to dwell on this, let’s move on to the next event.

Meet Magento Greece 2016

Meet Magento Greece 2016

It will be the second Meet Magento event in Greece. Being organized by Converge SA, Magento Professional Solutions Partner, this conference is a great chance to network and get the latest industry news. A lot of eCommerce merchants, Magento developers as well as Magento agencies’ representatives are going to participate. There is one key point that distinguishes Meet Magento Greece 2016 from other Meet Magento conferences - it gives the opportunity for both developers and merchants to go on 1-on-1 Meetings. You can get: closer cooperation, more time for communication, a chance to adopt best practices and get a specific advice on doing your personal Magento business.

Date: 12th of October, Wednesday

Tickets: from 50€

Location: Radisson Blu Park Hotel, Athens

Meet Magento Vietnam 2016

Meet Magento Vietnam 2016

MMV16 is a great opportunity to network with Magento community for those who live and work in Asia. It will be the second Meet Magento conference in Vietnam. We are sure that this year’s event will not be less successful than Meet Magento Vietnam 2015, which has attracted more than 500 merchants, service providers, developers, and other Magento enthusiasts. Note that during the last years, Asian eCommerce market is rapidly growing. According to statistics, over 100 million people of South East Asian population buy products online. So, Meet Magento Vietnam 2016 could become the first step on the road of developing your eCommerce business in the Asia market.

Date: 15th October

Tickets: from 58$

Location: The GEM Centre, Ho Chi Minh City

Meet Magento Argentina 2016

Meet Magento Argentina 2016

It will be the second time of Meet Magento Argentina conference. From the recaps we see that Meet Magento Argentina 2015 was a very beneficial event for Argentines and participants who came from other countries. And this year, all of them are looking forward to the next “get-together”. Recent years, Argentina has become one of the key outsourcing destinations, so if you are looking for new developers, you can find them there.

Date: 21st October

Tickets: from 750 $

Location: Golden Center, Buenos Aires

Meet Magento Spain 2016

Meet Magento Spain 2016

MM16ES is the next upcoming event produced by Interactiv4. The conference will be divided into two tracks carried out in two different rooms: Main Room and Workshops Room. This year, Meet Magento Spain has a special offer for merchants, we would  even say that it has a really great present for them. All merchants will be able to get free tickets to the conference sessions. This year conference will be focused on the topics, which can help online business owners to improve their businesses profitability. More than 50 success online stores will be presented to the attendees. Over 250 merchants have already decided to participate. A lot of experienced speakers will share their knowledges and skills with other participants. So if you have own online store, Meet Magento Spain 2016 could be the right choice for you. 

Date: 25st October

Tickets: from 100€ + 3.49€ FEE

Location: Teatro Goya, Madrid

Meet Magento Romania 2016

eet Magento Romania 2016

Meet Magento Romania 2016 is a two-day event organized by MindMagnet. As other Meet Magento conferences, it will be focused on such issues as: online business, eCommerce, Magento platform and its regional ecosystem. The first day of MMR16 will be Main / Business Track, when the second is organized especially for developers. After all sessions, the attendees will have the opportunity to have fun and network on Afterparty in Euphoria Music Hall.

Date: 28-29th of October

Tickets: from €65

Location: Grand Hotel Napoca, Cluj-Napoca

Meet Magento Japan 2016

Meet Magneto Japan 2016

Meet Magento Japan is the last fall conference of 2016. In 2015, Japanese chose Magento, because it has one strength over other open source eĞ¡ommerce solutions. It is multilingual and multi currencies function. So, this year over 150 attendees can hardly wait to get the latest news about Magento and to network with other industry enthusiasts. Meet Magento Japan 2016 agenda will be divided into two parts: Main session and Sub session, which will be carried out in two different rooms. So, be attentive when reading the agenda and choose the session that will be more useful for you. 

Date: 22nd November

Tickets: from ¥6,000 prepaid

Location:  Bellesalle Shinjuku Grand, Tokyo

7 Criteria to Choose Meet Magento 2016 Conferences to Attend

Each of these Magento events is a great chance to meet the industry leaders, to network with merchants and developers, discuss the latest trends, and let people know about your company products. However, there is the other side of the coin. When you are going to participate in the conference that takes place in another country, you have to be ready to bear the travel costs, which sometimes can easily run into the thousands of dollars. So, how to decide which ones are worth attending?

Here are our list of tips:

Decide what are your goals. This is our first advice. Before choosing, you have to clearly understand what you want to get from this trip. Are you looking for funding? New clients or customers? Brand recognition? Meeting with partners? It could be hard enough to find all these opportunities at one conference that is why you need to make a decision basing on your goals. If you, for example, are looking for new developers, it will be more reasonable to choose Meet Magento Argentina 2016 because as we have mentioned before, in the last few years, Argentina has become one of the countries offering really high-quality outsourcing services.

Topics Covered. One of the main reasons why you decide to participate is an opportunity to learn something new and get the answers on the questions that concern you. So, the next step will be looking at the agendas in order to know what topics will be discussed on the events. For instance, if you have or just going to build B2B business on Magento, you need to study all conferences’ agendas and find one where relevant topic will be discussed. This year, it is Meet Magento Greece 2016 conference.

Who’s Going? One more important step is to find out who else is going to attend. Check how many people are expected to participate and what companies they represent. You need to know would the event attract other professionals with whom you'd like to connect. Use social media or email to check whether your partners and customers are going to attend. If you, for example, want to attend Meet Magento Japan 2016, try searching for relevant hash tags on Twitter and Facebook. Check who among this conference's participants could become your partners or clients. 

Who’s Speaking? Study the lists of speakers who are going to share their knowledge and experiences. Each event’s website has such list, for example Meet Magento Vietnam 2016: Speakers page. Find out if it is their first time of speaking or maybe they have already had such experience. If the second, check out their reputation. Are they outstanding orators? Are their speeches interesting and full of useful details about the industry or not?

Networking Opportunities. Despite that this is not the first point in our list, it is considered one of the most crucial ones. Time of networking considered the highly anticipated part of every Meet Magento conference. It is explained by the great opportunity to discuss all concerning issues in informal setting: during a coffee break, lunchtime or after party. 

Location. The country and venue of the conference also are two crucial factors while choosing. Check will you need to travel? If yes - What is the distance? How many days could it take? What is the climate? These are the basic questions regarding the location. When we talk about venue, it is important to know - what are the sessions and break-out rooms like? To have a beneficial trip, you need to make sure that it will be comfortable. For example, you are going to attend Meet Magento Spain 2016, go to venue page and check all moments indicated above.

Your budget. Before to decide to participate in any event or not, you have to estimate how much it will cost you. Research all possible expenses - ticket price (for example Meet Magento Romania 2016 tickets cost a little bit less that tickets to Meet Magento Spain 2016 conference), hotels, airfare, ground transportation, meals, and time away from the office. Weigh which Meet Magento events are most likely to provide a good return on your investment. 

Read the recaps. Search for blog reviews of last year’s conference: Were the attendees impressed by the speeches? Where did they make the contacts they were hoping to make? Are they going to attend this year? 

So, we hope that this article will really help you make the right decision. These are our criteria of choosing and what points would you add to this list? What is your favorite city or venue? Write us to share your ideas regarding this issue or ask us questions if you have some. Our professional team is always happy to help you!

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