Meet Magento World - The First Online Magento Conference

Meet Magento World Online conference

Online conferences have become very popular today. Meet Magento Association decided to follow this tendency and chose the Internet as a venue for the next conference. 

Meet Magento events always have been a great opportunity to get the latest news and updates about Magento platform and eCommerce as a whole, as well as to share knowledge with other participants. Meet Magento World 2016 will be the first ONLINE Magento conference accessible worldwide. It will be held on 6-8 of December, 2016. And as usual, it will be divided into several sessions. Each session will include speeches represented by different Magento and eCommerce experts. You can study the Meet Magento World agenda on the event website. The list of topics that will be discussed includes: Magento 2, eCommerce site search and natural language processing, Magento performance improving, Magento checkout extension, hacking, online sales, conversational commerce, and many others. A Regular ticket cost is $300. This ticket provides an access to the online event. A Regular ticket + Video Copy costs $100 more, but it gives you an access not only to the event, but also to the video recordings and extra materials that will be published after the event. 

Meet Magento Online - 7 Key Reasons to Participate

We have already published the article advising you how to understand which conference is worth your participation - Meet Magento Events in October- November 2016: How to Choose Which One to Attend? When we speak about Meet Magento Online, we are sure that it is worth and today we want to explain to you why. We will present you a number of reasons that will help you make the right decision.

Reason 1- The Venue of Meet Magento World

Magento conference venue

The main advantage of all online conferences is that they are virtual. You can access them from everywhere. There is just one requirement - you should have an Internet connection. To participate you won’t need to travel by car or plane, spend your time on trip and checking into the hotel, as well as miss family events. Moreover, when an important person in your business has to travel, you could be left short-handed for some period of time. With online accessibility of Meet Magento, you won’t have these problems. You can listen to the speeches directly from your home, lying on your habitual sofa and relaxing, or anywhere else. Flight cancellations, airport delays, traffic jams will no longer be reasons for missing out on Meet Magento conferences.

Reason 2 - Only the Best Speakers at Meet Magento World

Meet Magento World best speakers

The Meet Magento Association has already organized more than 50 Magento events with over 800 sessions. Participants rated all Meet Magento speakers. It allowed Magento to choose the best of the best and bring them together to give Meet Magento World attendees a chance to learn about the latest and greatest on Magento and eCommerce. So, you can be sure that all sessions will be interesting and all speakers will be real industry experts, who are able to share their knowledge and experiences in the most engaging way. Additionally, you won’t need to take notes. After the event, you will get the access to all video recordings and extra materials. It is very convenient and allows you to relax and listen attentively during the conference time.

Reason 3 - Cost-Effectiveness of the Meet Magento World

cost effective

Meet Magento World is much more chipper than Meet Magento in-person events, which usually require travel, hotel accommodations, and food expenses. All these things can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, not including the price of the ticket. Participating in online Meet Magento conference will enable you to avoid the extra expenses and let you pay just for the conference pass. This point could become the main reason for you to participate, if you pay for the participation out of your pocket in order to continue education and learn something new.

Reason 4 - An opportunity to Choose Your Timezone

Jet lag

All Meet Magento World sessions will be spread across three days on December 6-8th, 2016. So, you can simply find the timezone that will suit you. Below, we present just a couple of examples taken from the event website. The full list you can find on Meet Magento Online Event Time Announcer page.


Daily from 3PM - 12AM



Daily from 9AM - 6PM



Daily from 6AM - 3PM



Daily from 10PM - 7AM


It is very convenient because you won’t need to get up early or even at night to fly to another country. We are sure that problem of jet lag is familiar for those who have attended the oversea conferences. It can be with you for several days after a long flight. When you cross two time zones, it may take about a day to be rehabilitated. If you cross more, it may take three days or longer before you feel good again. This time, you won’t face with the out-of-sorts feeling, as you won’t need to fly somewhere.

Reason 5 - Always Accessible Content of Meet Magento World

material availability

If you buy a ticket to Meet Magento World for $400, you will get the full access to the videos and other important materials provided after the event. This opportunity  means that you can watch and re-watch the videos from sessions, overlook the needed information when it is convenient for you. 

Reason 6 - You Can Attend Every Session

which one to choose

If you have already attended some of Meet Magento conferences, you could face with a problem of choice between two of sessions, which were held at the same time. As Meet Magento world is an online conference, you won’t have any problems with scheduling. Since you have purchased your ticket, you can watch every session in accordance with your schedule. Therefore, you won’t miss any important information. 

Reason 7 - Wider Spread of Participants 

Magento worldwide

Meet Magento Online will give a chance to connect with a larger and more international audience. Many people simply were not able to meet at a physical event due to the distance, money, health or another reason. The new venue of Meet Magento makes it possible for these people to become a part of Magento community, to receive new knowledge, and establish new contacts. This conference will open up possibilities they have never seen before.

Conclusion on Meet Magento World

Considering the many benefits that Meet Magento World can provide, we advise you to use this chance and participate in the online Magento conference. You can get the same knowledge at the lower price. You do not need to travel and significantly change your current schedule. You can stay at home or go to another place convenient for you and participate in one of the most popular and great Magento events. If you do decide to attend Meet Magento World, you should make the most of the experience. We wish you to have good luck and have an engaging time during the Meet Magento Online! 

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