15 Must Do’s at Meet Magento New York 2016

Meet Magento New York City 2016

In previous articles we have already told you a lot about the opportunities, which Meet Magento conferences give to the participants. Today, we are going to tell you about the next upcoming conference - Meet Magento New York 2016. And just to remind about the importance of these events, we would like to highlight that Meet Magento is one of the best ways to get in touch with Magento merchants, developers and agencies providing Magento services. Also it is the great opportunity to get the latest Magento and eCommerce news. Nobody wants to miss out on the chance to meet new people, learn and get inspired by expert Magento speakers. Before to start, we want to present you a list of the upcoming Meet Magento conferences, which follow Meet Magento NY:

  • Meet Magento Athens, Greece - Oct 12, 2016
  • Meet Magento Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Oct 15, 2016
  • Meet Magento Buenos Aires, Argentina - Oct 21, 2016
  • Meet Magento Madrid, Spain - Oct 25, 2016
  • Meet Magento Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Oct 28 - 29, 2016
  • Meet Magento Tokyo, Japan - Nov 22, 2016
  • Meet Magento World, Online - Dec 06 - 08, 2016
  • Meet Magento Vejle, Denmark - Feb 02, 2017

Meet Magento NY 2016 - Short Overview

So, it will be the third Meet Magento NY meeting. The companies organizing and sponsoring this event are Interactiv4 and Atwix. Being held on October 5 Meet Magento NY 2016 is an event where you can meet a lot of famous persons from the local Magento community, from all over the USA as well as the globe ( Ukraine, the UK, Germany, Spain, Australia and from other countries). 

Venue Location

This year Meet Magento NY will be held in City Winery. Hosting the event this year, it is going to provide it with close and friendly atmosphere in the very heart of New York City.

City Winery tell about themselves: “City Winery strives to deliver the highest-end combined culinary and cultural experience to our customers who are passionate in sharing wine, music, and culinary arts. We are a unique facility, combining a fully functioning winery with intimate concerts, food & wine classes, private events in a variety of configurations, and fine dining. We have created a compelling mix for our sophisticated clientele of foodies, and active cultural patrons—bringing the wine country experience to the middle of a large city.”


Your ticket will include:

  • Full access to the venue, presentations and marketplace during the event
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Wine Tasting
  • Networking Dinner and Party


The list of this year Meet Magento NY speakers as usually includes only real industry experts who are ready to share their knowledges and experience with others. Below, we present some of them:

Meet Magento NY 2016 speakers


As before, Magento conference schedule will be very busy and eventful. It is divided into 5 sections between which the participants will have some time for coffee break and lunch. So, you should be prepared for two fully-packed days of networking events and speeches of Magento leading speakers. When we have been telling about the opportunities you can get from participation, we have forgotten to mention that this  event gives a great chance to take your eCommerce business to the international arena. You will meet with Magento enthusiast from different countries and establish with some of them useful contacts. 

10 Things To Do Before, During and After Meet Magento NY 2016

We have already give you a brief overview of upcoming Meet Magento conference, and now want to help you get the maximum benefits from it. 

Any Magento conference can be very productive and fun, but you have to be ready invest a lot of time and energy. Not less important to be prepared before you go to such great event. We have prepared a special list of tips, which will help you get the most out of the conference. What should you do:

BEFORE Meet Magento NY16

  1. You need to determine in advance what specific outcomes you want to get from this event. Will people you want to meet participate? ( for example your partners or clients) Will the topics you are interested in discussed?
  2. Double-check Magento conference agenda. You should decide what sessions would be the most interesting for you. And manage your time accordingly. Click here to see the agenda for Meet Magento NY 2016.
  3. Decide what you will ask for an appropriate question based on the sessions description. Measure the commerce value of your interaction at any session.
  4. Contact your partners and clients you already work with to check if they are going to attend the upcoming conference. You can check their social pages (usually people use them to inform about such events). Also, you can simply email your colleagues and find out if they are going to fly to NY. If you have already known that they are going to participate, offer them to meet there during the lunch or coffee break.
  5. Google participants you want to meet, visit their social pages, websites, blogs, and learn as much as possible about their life and business. It will help you feel confident during the conversations and easily find the topics to discuss.
  6. Do not forget about such marketing tool as a business card that should include your contact information and company logo. Take some of these cards along.

DURING Meet Magento NY16

  1. Focus on making connections. Be confident and feel free to start conversations. Do not forget to use the information you prepared before the event. A real-life communication is much more useful than simple collecting a plenty of business cards. Go to the bar, gym or pool during  Magento conference downtime instead of hiding in your room. 
  2. You have probably found out some information about some of participants. Use it to ask pertinent questions. Ask not only about the business, but also about the family, friends, hobbies, but not about intimity.
  3. Do not forget to take notes. You will hear a great amount of new and useful information, so it will be more reasonable not to rely only on your memory, but also put the most important facts on the paper or make some notes on your device. There are any doubts that you will be happy to find everything fixed after the Magento conference is over.
  4. Make photos and videos. You will probably want to share the information obtained on Meet Magento NY 2016 with your colleagues and maybe on your website blog, or on social media. And the best addition to your posts will be the photos and videos reflecting the conference atmosphere. 
  5. Not less important is to visit not just sessions, but also networking events. Drink coffee with your colleagues or with participants you have just met on this conference, go to lunch together or have a rest during the downtime. As you have already known, this year Magento conference will be held in City Winery, so it gives the great opportunity to taste new sorts of wine during Wine Tasting and discuss the latest Magento an eCommerce news. Do not forget about Networking Dinner and Party (DJ) that will be held after all sessions.

AFTER Meet Magento NY16

  1. The meeting is over, but the networking just starts. At the event you likely were making the acquaintances, meeting with your partners and clients.You may have the business cards from some of them. So now it’s time to put these newfound contacts to use.
  2. Get into touch with every contact within three days after Magento conference. The contact is still warm, so you won’t wasting time on a reintroduction. As everyone is busy after the event, you may need about 5 attempts to contact before you hear back. Try different methods of communication: email, phone and use social media. 
  3. Marshal your notes from the sessions. Put all these notes in one place, it will help you remember the most important things you have learned at MMNY16. Now you can use them for your presentation as well as for writing a blog post.
  4. Schedule the time to share all learned information with your team. It will help to set it in your own mind as well as organize your thoughts around the most important things you have taken away from the conference. Your colleagues will 100 % appreciate to learn some industry trends and news. 

Just to sum up, we want to highlight that the preparation, organization and flexibility significantly enhance the conference time and experience. And if you want to make the upcoming Magento conference really beneficial for you, follow the next 4 tips:

  • Be prepared (our tips will help you with that)
  • Be flexible 
  • Enjoy the event
  • Follow up

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