MagentoLive Australia 2016

MagentoLive Australia 2016

Our last news article was about one of the most popular Magento events - Meet Magento conference that was held in Indonesia. And today we want to tell you about the next Magento event, especially about MagentoLive Australia 2016. Unlike Meet Magento Indonesia 2016, which was held in this country for the first time and was considered as the great present for the Indonesians, MagentoLive Australia had already become a tradition. And every time, all Magento merchants, partners and developers from Australia and all over the world (The USA, The United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, etc.) can hardly wait for the next meeting. Because, there they can get the latest Magento news and updates “from the horse's mouth”. They have the opportunity to know about the latest eCommerce trends, network with different community members and of course, as usual, have fun.

MagentoLive Australia From The First Meeting Till Now

MagentoLive Australia 2013: Let’s Remember How It Was For The First Time

Three years ago, Australian eCommerce community welcomed Magento delegation for the first time. It was a great Magento event for both online retailers using Magento and Magento developers in Australia as well. All participants had a great chance to communicate with the Magento and eBay leadership team, to adopt the experience of such Magento experts as: Roy Rubin (Co-Founder and COO, Magento), Ben Pressley (Director and Head of Worldwide Sales, Magento) and Adrian Christie (Head of Communication), as well as to make own contribution to the local Magento Community. 

magento experts

You surely wonder what participants discussed on the conference and what were happening with Magento three years ago. Below, we present you a short overview of eCommerce and Magento trends for 2013:

  • The amount of Magento users in Australia considerably increased with over 1000+ new Enterprise retailers since July 2012.
  • In February 2013, top 100k websites were built on Magento.
  • Magento occupied 42% of the global eCommerce market share according to  Alexa statistics.
  • Over 150,000+ retailers from all over the world with billions of dollars were transacted annually online.

Also, Magento experts presented the main Magento Enterprise performance enhancements:

  • Improved operational scalability and caching;
  • Upgraded core technology and code of PHP, HTML5, CCS3, MySQL and jQuery;
  • Enhanced URL management;
  • Renewed tooling for data migration;
  • Enhanced process of content locking and staging;
  • Magento design improvement;
  • Improvements to the admin interface.

The listeners were provided with the examples of successful companies, which built their businesses on Magento. It was one of the very important parts of the conference, because as we know “Example is better than precept”.

All conference sessions were very informative and in order to avoid overloading, at the end of the day, participant had some leisure time. It was time when people could relax, drink a little bit and network with each other. 

As you can see, 2013 was very important year for Australia eCommerce community. It brought more opportunities and opened up new horizons for Magento “fans” in this country. The next two years were not less beneficial, because Australia welcomed MagentoLive 2014 and MagentoLive 2015, which were also fantastic and inspiring events. As some of participants said “MagentoLive is the opportunity to bring Magento ecosystem together”. 

In this article we are not going to present the highlights of MagentoLive Australia 2014, but we cannot omit MagentoLive Australia 2015 results, because it will help you to see the real changes and improvements since the previous year.

Magentolive Australia 2015

Magento eCommerce Statistics For 2015

  • 250,000+ customers over 3,000 EE Sites
  • #1 platform according to Alexa top 100k/Top 1 million
  • Over 300 solutions, hosting and tech partners
  • 70,000+ developers and 5,200 Certified Devs
  •  Companies that have already build their business on Magento 2.0: Alcatel One Touch, SEAT, SoL, BYREDO
  • Magento Marketplace instead of Magento Connect
  • A number of great sessions were focused on eCommerce and marketing issues

MagentoLive Australia 2016: What Will This Year Give Us?

And now, it is time to look what Magento enthusiasts have prepared for us this year.

In 2016, MagentoLive Australia will be held in Sydney Hilton, November 7-8. The hotel locates in the heart of the city. Near it there are a lot of Sydney's favourite attractions, such as: Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach. And not less important is that there will not be any difficulties for visitors to access the airports. Sydney’s Kingsford Smith International and Domestic Airport is 8 kilometres away or approximately 30 minutes away from the hotel.

Sydney Hilton has all necessary facilities for business and leisure. It offers a wide number of accommodations with the great views, starting from guest rooms to spacious suites. 28 meeting and conference rooms will be at your service too. The conference centre is specially built for business purposes. Also, there are the Grand Ballroom, the Exhibition Space, 11 Event Rooms and 14 Hilton Meeting Rooms. And all these rooms are equipped according to your needs and requirements.

You will have chance to:

  • Meet the worldwide commerce innovators.
  • Communicate with eCommerce and Magento experts including online business owners, web design agencies, and system integrators.
  • Know about the future eCommerce trends and system updates from the key Magento executives.
  • Act as a speaker, present your ideas and share knowledges.
  • Become a MagentoLive Australia 2016 sponsor in order to support the community.

Since, it is about 3 months before the event, it is too early to tell what exactly speakers prepared for us. However, our previous experience helps us to indicate 5 basic issues, which will be obligatory discussed:

1. Magento In Numbers (main achievements, platform growth, etc.)

2. eCommerce Trends 

3. Magento 2.0 Development

4. The Latest Magento News and Updates

And finally, we want to give you a couple of tips, which will help you to get the most out of a conference:

  • Listen attentively what the experts say.
  • Use your time effectively.
  • Meet with your current partners and solidify your professional relationships.
  • Do not be shy, network with other participants. It will let you to make useful contacts as well as know something new.

In conclusion, we would like to say that in this article we tried to collect all necessary information about MagentoLive in Australia. We indicated the key points, answered frequently-asked questions, and showed the previous years experience. So, now you are well-prepared and ready “to plunge into the next Magento adventure”.You just need to decide - you will participate as listener, speaker or you want be a sponsor of such great event. On the official event site you can find more information. But if you still have questions, contact our Magento expert team and they will be ready answer them.

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