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What are the main Magento CMS benefits?

Magento is implemented by numerous online stores: according to W3Techs, this platform occupies the fourth place among all CMSs. But if we take the entire eCommerce market, Magento holds around 25% market share. Many customers approach our team with questions about which eCommerce CMS is right for them. And our answer is obvious - choose Magento. To prove our opinion, we’re going to outline the main benefits of this eCommerce CMS.

Magento was created as an open source CMS by Varien Inc. and a community of developers and enthusiasts. Later, it was sold to eBay. It is still presented as a free platform, but some additional features are available only for extra money.

General Magento CMS benefits

  • First of all, we would like to mention that Magento provides you with the opportunity to create stores and operate them from the single admin panel.
  • Categories and subcategories of sell products can be added to your catalog.
  • Magento allows you to display more than one product image, add specific characteristics, show attached products with the same price and similar characteristics.
  • With Magento CMS you can set special prices for different user groups.
  • You can provide your customers with discounts.
  • You have an opportunity to use a special function for reducing prices for a particular period of time.
  • There is also an opportunity to use various currencies and convert them without any problems. Such function helps you build your eCommerce business for foreign customers.
  • You are able to create own designs on promo pages.
  • Magento help customers estimate products from different perspectives, leave reviews and apply tags.

Why Magento is SEO-friendly?

It is a well-known fact that success of an eCommerce business entirely depends upon the online visibility. So, it is not a surprise that Magento developers didn’t forget about Search Engine Optimization when creating this CMS.

Magento ecommerce seo cms

When working on Magento platform, you are allowed to manage the HTML code. You are given the opportunity to add meta tags, meta keywords, and short description for a product or a category of products. Besides, it is possible to add necessary endings to the site address. Every SEO specialist will be happy using such features. Additionally, Magento offers shopping cart software that will generate a Google site map and SEO-friendly URLs. Do you need to customize meta tags? This software is capable of that! As you see, Magento strives a lot to make your website indexed fast by search engines and, eventually, become popular.

Magento proves to be mobile-friendly

During the last years, we can observe an increasing number of customers who use mobile for shopping. That is why support for mobile is a must, and Magento offers proper design. The platform has built-in SEO features with modern responsive design and a number of excellent functions to automatically optimize your content. It is quite easy to integrate the CMS in your mobile device for generating fully-customizable, native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android users. You can use such e-store features as inventory, product catalog, reporting, checkout and many others. Since the Magento platform can integrate with the app created using your device, you are free of spending numerous hours on rebuilding every detail for your eCommerce store. You can use the Enterprise Edition responsive design reference theme and email templates to build a mobile-friendly responsive site faster than ever before. Another great feature is a mobile-friendly homepage carousel, which can show featured products. A responsive site will make customers happy, help improve SEO, and increase mobile conversion rates.

magento mobile friendly ecommerce

Advanced analytics in Magento

Tracking traffic is a very important part of any successful web site managing. The most popular and widely used analytics tool is Google Analytics. Integration of this tool into Magento platform allows tracking which keywords generate most traffic, which products are the best sellers, defining site’s metrics and numerous other such statistics. It should be mentioned that Magento supports two types of tracking: Page View Tracking  and E-commerce Tracking. The first type allows you to learn the origin from which your web store visitors came to your store, while the second enables you to list the customers that make purchases and what products they buy.

Conclusion on Magento CMS

Having analyzed all basic Magento CMS features, we can say that this e-commerce platform performs at a high level. This platform is very popular among users from different countries, including Germany, England, the USA, Australia and others. It is also used by a number of popular online stores, such as 20thCenturyFox, Lenovo, Nestle, Nokia, Samsung, Gucci. All this proves that the Magento CMS easily finds its ready market and is always in high demand. The main Magento feature, which makes it excel other e-commerce CMSs, is the extent of customization it offers. Unlike most other CMSs, Magento offers flexibility, so customers can customize every page, every product, and every snippet of code within its framework. And at last, we are happy to inform you that our Sam Ecommerce Magento Developers are always ready to help you.
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