Magento Business Intelligence: Advanced Analytics for eCommerce

Magento Business Intelligence: Advanced Analytics for eCommerce

Analytical data are crucial for eCommerce business: without having access to the site statistics, the merchant can only guess which marketing activities bring profit and which just steal their time and money. Analytical data must be the source of inspiration for the merchant, but frequently they are the source of a headache. Dealing with lots of marketing channels forces you to spend more time on extracting data and making out the sense of numbers than on taking data-driven actions. 

Magento users have the perfect solution of this problem — Magento Business Intelligence. It was previously known as Magento Analytics, but after some time, it was renamed into Business Intelligence in order to give the precise understanding of how powerful this solution is and how comprehensive the provided data are. 

Features of Magento Business Intelligence

Magento Business Intelligence makes it possible to track customers’ behavior, find the most valuable customers, discover the channels that bring the highest return on investment. That means you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions as to enhancing the shopping experience, creating targeted campaigns, or investing money wisely. 

Customizability is one of the things that made Magento so popular, and all Magento solution can be seamlessly adjusted to your needs. With Business Intelligence, you can

  • define the metrics you want to get with automatically updated reports. 
  • keep all the valuable data from multiple sources in one place that can be reached from wherever you are.
  • restrict what metrics can be seen by other users.
  • enjoy the user-friendly interface.

The Launch of Magento Business Intelligence Essentials

You must have already heard about Magento Business Intelligence as RJMetrics, a leader in supplying eCommerce business owners with business intelligence software, was acquired by Magento a year ago. However, at Imagine 2017, Magento announced the launch of Magento Business Intelligence Essentials — a great analytical solution at affordable price. Paying from $100 a month (the fee depends on your annual GMV), you can get the access to:

  • five dashboards with 75 reports
  • email summaries
  • SQL and visual report builders
  • data from Magento and Google Analytics
  • exporting data to CSV and Excel
  • 10 user accounts with advanced user permissions

If after some period of time you feel that you need more, you’ll be able to seamlessly upgrade to Magento Business Essentials Pro and to get additional support, add unlimited data sources, customize the infrastructure.

Magento Business Intelligence Essentials

Merchants’ Experience

Lots of eCommerce companies use this solution for their needs; here are the highlights of their experience:

  • Business Intelligence helped Chubbies to acquire new valuable customers, giving the insights of customer lifetime value by ad channel, showing the numbers of ROI, and indicating categories of products that drive customers to return.
  • Having analyzed the data, managers at Harris Farm Markets put all their efforts on keeping repeat customers, who bring more revenue for the business.
  • Thanks to dashboards with analytical data, the co-founder of LUX FIX managed to raise funds.
  • Truly Experiences have increased the efficiency of advertising campaigns up to 70%.
  • Teeturtle used the power of Business Intelligence for discovering the most efficient shipping methods. Their renegotiations with a logistic company led to $100,000.

Feel interested? Schedule a free seven-day demo version and try out all the benefits of Magento Business Intelligence for your eCommerce business.

In case you need any help with your Magento store, our dedicated Magento developers are ready to help!

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