Magento Imagine 2018: 5 Unconventional Reasons to Attend

Magento Imagine 2018

In 2018, it’s going to be the 8th Magento Imagine Conference, which promises to get together more than 3,000 experts: merchants, agencies and technology providers. The conference presents a unique opportunity to meet Magento pros from 50 countries in one place. 

On our blog, you can find articles about the previous Imagine conferences, and in this one, we’re going to discuss 5 ways how you can benefit from participating in the Magento Imagine Conference 2018.


The Imagine Conference takes place this year on April 23-25 as usual in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Take advantage of this location! Go sightseeing or just walk around the city, enjoy a nice spring weather and test your luck. Las Vegas is the world capital of gambling. Poker, roulette, slot machines are everywhere. In this city, it’s impossible not to make a bet even for those people who don’t gamble at all. Las Vegas is the place to hit the jackpot.

Take Part in the Big Dam Run

If you enjoy jogging, you can take part in the 3rd Big Dam Run. You can choose to race a 5 or 10 km distance and even win a real medal! If you aren’t sure whether you have enough strength to run so far, you have a possibility to choose to walk this distance or just enjoy the tour around the Hoover Dam.

However, take into account that Big Dam Run takes place on the day before the Magento Imagine Conference starts. 


Special sessions, general sessions, breakout tracks and so on. More than 100 sessions are planned for the Magento Imagine Conference 2018. Visiting them can greatly expand your knowledge in the eCommerce field. Nevertheless, it is not the key point of the conference. What is more important is people. 

At Magento Imagine, you can not only boost knowledge but also enjoy your time with other outstanding members of the big Magento community and really connect to them. Pay attention to the evening events: PreImagine, Opening Night Networking Event and Legendary Evening Event. There, you can make new connections and refresh old ones, have fun, share photos on social media and even be the person who falls into the pool.

Grab Cool Swag

Swag at the Magento Imagine Conference deserves a special attention. Vendors design T-shirts, hoodies, socks, stuffed animals, sunglasses, mugs, bottles and many more of cool things exclusively for this conference. While looking for a perfect souvenir, you can also meet your future business partner. Magento Imagine is all about people.

Get Inspired

Only at Magento Imagine you can listen to the most inspiring speakers: Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Steve Wynn, Malcolm Gladwell, Jamie Clarke, Jessica Herrin and Serena Williams were keynote speakers in the past years. This year you have the opportunity to get inspired by the speeches of CEO Mark Lavelle, Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Ward and SVP of Product & Technology Jason Woosley. All three of them have years of experience and now are united by one purpose: to help Magento thrive.

Furthermore, at breakout sessions, you’ll have a chance to listen to merchants and technologists who have already found their way to success and are ready to help you to find yours. Check the list of the Magento Imagine speakers and choose which ones you can’t afford to miss as getting inspired is a must for all participants.

These are our 5 unconventional and perhaps a bit weird reasons to go to Magento Imagine. Please, share with us your own reasons to attend this or other conferences!

In case you’ve decided to visit Magento Imagine, then don’t lose any minute and buy the ticket at the best price. You also have a chance to register for PreImagine, which is held on April 22. The registration is free of charge as it is run by the community for the community.  Moreover, you still have the opportunity to actively participate in the conference as a sponsor (unfortunately, the speakers have been already appointed). 

We’re waiting for you at Magento Imagine 2018! If you have questions that need to be answered right now, just fill in our Contact us form. Our Magento agency is always ready to help!

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