Magento Connect Overview

magento connect overview

Magento Connect is an official marketplace of Magento extensions and themes. A lot of ecommerce representetives and developers from the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany (and other countries) go there to find the necessary solution for own businesses. Moreover, any developer can place own solution on this Magento marketplace. There are already some extensions that support Magento 2.0.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Magento Connect?

This opportunity is an apparent benefit of Magento Connect. Developers add new extensions and themes to the catalogue everyday. However, at the same time, there are a number of drawbacks, which have to be discussed in details. 

Advantage: Free extensions and themes.

Magento Connect Catalogue is expanded by free extensions (modules) and themes regularly. Magento Connect is the largest space, where you can find all kinds of extensions and themes for your eCommerce website. 

Disadvantage: But “Free” does not mean “ high-quality”.

And even the fact that modules pass a basic check, before they are added to Magento Connect, does not guarantee that you will avoid problems further.

The Main Reasons Why Magento Module May Be Out of Service

There are a lot of reasons why module can turn to be ineffective. We want to present just a couple of them:

  • Developer left off module developing and supporting. 

Each module is compatible with certain Magento versions. But, you should remember that when Magento is updated, any module may stop working. And if a module is free, only its developer is able to decide - update it or not. 

  • A module may not support the language you need. 

Of course, a developer can translate the module by himself, but it will take a great deal of time. 

  • No support.

Every time when you install a free extension, you stay all alone with it. Very few extension developers provide their modules with necessary support. If you decide to hire another developer in order to get free module supporting, you will overpay for time spent on getting the hang of things. Sometimes, such approach can cost even more than a paid extension with similar functions.

Advantage: Easy installation and removal of modules by using Connect Manager.

Magento Connect Manager interface and functionality allow you to install a new module without any problems. You just have to know its identificator. After that, you can delete the module by using this interface. 

Disadvantage: Sometimes, Connect Manager starts working with a delay. 

Insufficient rights to be added to folders, incorrect settings, a constraint on script execution time - all these issues may block Connect Manager work and also may require additional fixes.

When you install modules from files (by copying files in manual way), such problems do not arise.

Advantage: A great variety of extensions. 

Disadvantage: It is hard to chose. There are a lot of similar extensions. 

With such large amount of extensions, it hard to understand which one is better for your website. Ranking does not always show real data. Functionality does not always coincide with description.

Conclusion on Magento Connect

On Magento Connect you can find both high-quality extensions and extensions, which are considered by developers as trustworthy.  Nevertheless, it is recommended to have “test” store and use it to check a new extension before installing it on a live store.

If you want to have a checked and guaranteed result, our recommendation is to work with paid extensions, which are supported by their creators. Read more our article about Magento:

If you still have questions about Magento Connect, SaM Magento development team will be happy to help you!

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