The Main Competitive Advantages of Magento 2 in Comparison With Magento 1

Development of Magento: the past achievements and the future prospects

The first release of Magento took place almost 10 years ago. For the time being this platform has had a lot of versions accompanied with the new helpful features in the e-commerce sphere. Thus, the platform is able to satisfy merchants as well as developers. The prospective steps for making the navigation smooth, increasing engagement of users, improving rates of conversion and creating the optimal revenue for the internet sellers are introduced in Magento 2. 

The platform has obtained the important options after Magento 2.2 release. These options are:

1. Creating progressive business reports by means of Magento Business Intelligence.

2. Avoiding chargeback and fraudulent actions with the help of Signifyd integration.

3. Providing such B2B important functionalities as management of a company’s account, credit deals, quotation of negotiations and customizing of prices and catalogues.

But even before this latest version Magento 2 possessed the strong competitive features in comparison with Magento 1.

Speed of page loading and the performance advantages

Other platforms in the e-commerce sphere have the common weak points: the pages load too slowly and the processes of checkout are poor. The results can be very unpleasant – the high rates of bounce and decreasing of sales. But Magento 2 can solve this problem. The time needed for a page to load is reduced in comparison with the another platforms and the previous Magento versions.

Magento 2 has more advantages than Magento 1. They are the following

  • The loading speed of the page is half faster;
  • The faster checkout (almost 38%);
  • The number of page views per hour is about two million more;
  • The number of orders per hour can be 117% more;
  • Varnish Cache and the full-page cache receive support as built-in accelerators for web applications.

New progressive design of the admin interface

There are many significant changes in the admin interface of Magento 2. Its new progressive design has the accents on the user experience priority. Also it is ready for being used on mobile devices.

Thus, there are the exclusive features of Magento 2 admin interface:

  • The content of your internet site can be easily managed – created and previewed by means of Content Staging. There is also a possibility to update the content automatically according to the estimated schedule throughout the year.
  • The powerful search instrument is available – it is ElasticSearch, used also by such internet giants as GitHub, Wikipedia and eBay. This is really a strong functionality.
  • The media gallery of your pages has an integrated component – Product Videos. You can easily apply to it.

The possibility of an easy catalog grid customizing. It contains the extra attributes of a product.

Checkout process

There are only 2 main steps left in Magento 2 checkout process after its reducing and modernizing. These steps are Shipping and Billing. Furthermore, there is a possibility for your customers to pay online. Such payments are secure and fast, your customers will appraise such possibility.  All they need is to be able to use PayPal payment system with the enabled All-in-One Payment Solutions. Magento 2 checkout process has this solution compliant with PCI as an integrated part. It was impossible for Magento 1, but Magento 2 gives allows not to redirect customers to another sites for making payments. Besides, it perfectly matches your peculiar design and brand.  

Facilities of maintainability

There are many changes in Magento 2 for empowering the development of the application life-cycle according to the modern tendencies.

  • Sometimes the behavior of the same method or class can be changed due to some conflicts existing between the extensions. To solve this problem an interceptor (or plagin) class system was represented.
  • It was needed the quantity of large class files to be reduced, and on the other hand, more light-weight and modular classes to be created. To achieve this goal, a pattern of a dependency injection design was used for refactoring the core code base.
  • jQuery is used as the JavaScript framework of the platform.  It has completely replaced Prototype. RequireJS is used as a loader for the files and modules. Besides, the user experience and the online store frontend performance have been improved by means of reducing the number of JavaScript files that can be called.
  • The number of root directories in the code base is reduced with the help of the directory structure that was revised. As a result, the file obtained the needed convenience.
  • The stylesheets have become more maintainable and the process of writing CSS is easier now thanks to CSS preprocessors support.
  • Test-Driven Development is promoted.

E-commerce boost

Magento 2 can help to make your experience in the e-commerce sphere more efficient for both online sellers and buyers with the help of:

  • Improvement of the platform’s performance;
  • New progressive design of the admin interface;
  • Modernized design of the frontend;
  • B2B important functionalities;
  • Fast page loading;
  • More simple checkout process;
  • High level of the security control.

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