Magento 2.2: Ready! Steady! Go!

Runners starting the race

Pretty soon, Magento Inc. will announce the general availability of their new product — Magento 2.2. What does it have to offer?

Magento 2.2 Features

Below, we’re going to describe the most awaited features of Magento 2.2.

Magento B2B

According to Ben Marks, “Magento was a leading B2B platform even before any B2B features were included”. Lots of worldwide known brands such as P&G, Team Viewer, Ford, and so on already use Magento for B2B. Magento reached this leading position thanks to lots of extensions and custom development. In the new product, B2B is an out-of-the-box feature (but only with Magento 2.2 EE).

With Magento B2B you'll get the following benefits:

  • Custom Pricing can bring your relationships with companies to the next level: you can create as many various price lists as you wish and assign them to specific companies. Moreover, you can create a default public price list that will be visible to non-logged-in visitors. 
  • Quotation Engine lets you continue improving your relationships with other companies: instead of ordering the items at once, the user is able to turn their cart into a quote and negotiate the prices with the merchant. 
  • Credit Limit allows the company “to pay on account”: each company has its own account where all payments are saved; so the company is able to finish their ordering with a postponed payment.
  • Requisition Lists save plenty of time: the company can create lists that include often ordered products and just reorder them periodically.
  • Quick Order will be appreciated by many B2B buyers: very often, such buyers don’t require excessive product descriptions as they know all details about the item, new Magento feature allows them to make orders by entering SKUs or uploading CSV files.

You’ll definitely enjoy these outstanding B2B benefits with Magento 2.2 EE. Moreover, Magento is planning to add a couple of additional features that we’ll be announced closer to the date of Magento 2.2 general availability. 

Magento Business Intelligence Essentials

Magento BI Essentials is a relatively new Magento product designed by RJMetrics - a leader in providing business with a first-rate analytical solution. We’ve described this product in depth in our article Magento Business Intelligence: Advanced Analytics for eCommerce

In a nutshell, BI Essentials can provide you with integrated data from Magento and Google Analytics. The data are presented in 75 reports designed to meet all possible business requirements, but it doesn’t deprive you of the opportunity to create your own reports — a limited number though. 

Moreover, in Magento 2.2, you’ll meet 12 new advanced reports using MBI UX.

Magento BI Essentials is a standard feature with Magento 2.2 Cloud Edition, however, it is available for all Magento Merchants at a small price that starts at $100 a month and depends on the company’s annual GMV.

Magento Shipping

Shipping is one of the most painful aspects of the retail business of any size as the half of cart-abandonment cases are related to shipping. Magento Inc. decided to take care of this problem and found a perfect solution: in collaboration with Temando — a leader in providing merchants with a perfect software for a complete shipping process — they’ve developed a new product called Magento Shipping

This multi-carrier shipping solution can be easily set up and adjusted to your business. Moreover, Magento Shipping doesn’t need updating when new carriers become available.

With this shipping solution available out of the box with Magento 2.2, merchants can provide their customers with the cost-effective shipping:

  • offer to ship orders by worldwide known carriers, such as UPS or Fedex.
  • offer possible shipping alternatives taking into account the location of customers as well as warehouses. 

Magento Shipping automatically informs customers about the order updates that empowers them to take control over their delivery. 

But not only customers will get a better experience. You, as a Magento 2.2 Admin, will also enjoy this shipping solution. You’ll be surprised how easy the process of picking, packing, and dispatching can be.

A man is coding

Are you already itching to try out those absolutely stunning key features of Magento 2.2? Unless you are one of Magento partners, you’ve got to wait until September 2017. 

Magento 2.2 Release Candidate Software Is Available

At Meet Magento DE, Paul Boisvert announced that Magento 2.2 will be publicly available already in September 2017. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact date yet, but we promise to provide you with this information as soon as possible!

Until September 2017, the new Magento product has to undergo a bunch of tests. And you can contribute to the development of Magento 2.2 as Release Candidate Software is already available on GitHub.

On June 23rd, 2017, Magento made available Magento 2.2 CE, EE, and B2B Release Candidate software. So now, Solution, Technology, and Hosting Partners can participate in evaluation and edition of the code structure. 

Such cooperation will be beneficial for both parties:

  • Magento Inc. will manage to enhance the functionality, usability, and code quality of the new product taking into account received feedback. Thus, at the date of Magento 2.2 general availability announcement, every member of the community will be able to enjoy the most innovative and flexible platform.
  • Partners, who have decided to participate in the evaluation process, will be the first working with the code. It will give them the advantage over other companies as their technical team members will have been trained and the update of their extensions as well as the custom code will have been thoroughly planned by the date of Magento 2.2 release.

Despite all the benefits mentioned above, you’ll have to work with a raw material: the code of Magento 2.2 Release Candidate hasn’t approached the production quality yet and includes bugs as well as incomplete features. 

But in case you do decide to take the responsibility to participate in Magento 2.2 improving, clone the repositories you want to install (CE, EE, and\or B2B) from GitHub:

Notice that you have to be a Solution partner and sign up the Release Candidate Software agreement first to get access to EE and B2B. This stage can take up to 3 days.

Get through the installation process and start testing. You should submit your feedback to GitHub and regularly check DevDocs for updates.

So, are you going to participate in the code editing and evaluating? Share your opinion on the new Magento product in comments!

In case you need help with current Magento versions, don’t hesitate to contact Our Certified Magento Developers

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