Magento 1.x Support After 2017 - SaM Offers New Magento Security Patching Program

Magento 1.x Security Patching SaM way out

There are more than 240,000 eCommerce stores built on Magento 1.x. And most of them have been presenting a high performance and bringing their owners a great profit. But in 2015, Magento launched a new 2.0 version. It was announced that 2018 would be the last year when Magento 1.x websites would get the necessary (to stay alive) support. And these 3 years (starting from Magento 2.0 release) is a crucial time for all online merchants who have built their businesses on Magento platform. Now, it is time to decide what do all these changes mean for them and where to move on. And one of the ways is our Magento Security Patching and Extended Support Program

What Magento 2.0 Release Means for Magento 1.X and What is the Best Solution for Magento Online Business Owners?

To help you fully understand the importance of SaM program, we decided that firstly, we have to give you the low-down on the existing situation. 

And now, we will answer the first question: “What do these changes mean for your Magento business?”. The answer depends on what Magento version you are currently using. 

Magento Community Enterprise Edition

  • If you are not using Magento platform, but want to. There is just one way for you - wait till November and build your business on Magento 2.0.
  • For those who have built their stores on Magento Enterprise Edition, everything depends on what version you are using. If you are running 1.13 and 1.14 versions, you will get Magento support for a further 3 years from November 2015. However, the releases will only cover bugs and security issues (you will not get any feature updates). In the last year of this period, Magento team will solve just Priority 1 issues. All stores built on Magento Enterprise Edition with versions older than 1.13 will be out of support.
  • Magento Community Edition are already out of service. Thus, they won’t bear more risks in the future than they do now. For them there is only one solution - find a reliable partner, who will be able to keep your business alive.

Answering the second question we put forward two ways to move on, which are offered by Magento community today:

  1. Migration to Magento 2.0.
  2. Migration to another platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and others).

Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Migration to Magento 2.0 

Migration to Magento 2.0 is “not just an upgrade – it’s more of a rebuild”. And depending on site complexity, planning and development can take months. If you chose to migrate to the new platform version, you have to understand that it requires additional resources, at least: 

  • A trained Magento 2.0 team - real Magento 2.0 experts, who will be able to carry out the migration and provide a high-quality support for your store in the future. 
  • A new improved equipment (servers, modules, etc.) that is necessary for Magento 2.0 operation.

For all that, you will have to pay a huge sum of money. Moreover, it also will take a lot of time to study new platform and train your team. These and other risks of this migration are described in our article “Is It Worth to Migrate to Magento 2 Right Away?”.

Migration To Another Platform

This solution also is not a “silver bullet”, because any migration process is complex and time-consuming. If you chose this way, you should be aware about all possible risks. And below, we prepared a list of the most common of them:

  • Rankings and traffic loss. 

When you move from one platform to another, you can easily lose your SEO ranking. Because, when you change CMS software, your site URLs are changed too. Consequently, you need to inform the search engine about the migration and the new location of your URLs.

  • Risk to lose your site content. 

When a business exists online a year or more, its owner certainly collects a lot of important information such as: products/services descriptions, blog articles, comments, and of course visitors data. And usually, the migration puts at risk all this content. 

  • Broken internal links. 

One more problem is a website internal links change. In other words, when you migrate your website, all posts with the link navigations to other your website pages will be broken. And this problem can hurt your website very much.

  • Lasting website downtime. 

As we have already mentioned, the migration process requires a significant amount of time. It means that your website will stay frozen. And in that vein, a new risk arises - you can easily lose your customers and traffic. 

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Magento 1.x And Welcome Magento 2.0?

Magento 1 or Magento 2

Very often, eCommerce business owners doubt when it comes to making large and significant changes to the CMS they rely on. And the risks we have recently described prove that the merchants are right. The latest platform version is stable and powerful enough. With the latest Magento 1.9 branch enhancements, it becomes possible to build a multi-language and multicurrency solution under 3 weeks. Magento 1.x offers a lot of services, mainly out of the box, including: PayPal or Braintree, connection to accounting system, separated B2C and B2C sites under the same site administration, automatic estimate shipping, and others. Magento 1.x is now at its peak performance and stability. It has all necessary for successful online store building and operation. We analysed a number of improvements and what we found:

  • All PayPal issues are settled. There were some problems with PayPal rounding when 4 decimals were used for Product prices. But they have already been solved. Moreover, specific PayPal IPN URL was examined and some multiple solutions were provided. One more improvement has been applied - now, Price2Spy can connect with it’s API to specific store without any hassle.
  • Fast re-indexing. There were some problems with re-indexing at greater amount of products and they were also resolved in 1.9.1/1.9.2. 
  • Support for large-scale imports. Now, thanks to Magento Mass Importer, we have no problems with larger XML files,XML/CSV/TXT sources from different partners importing, with stock updates on 100.000k products. 
  • Responsive design. Magento specialists added to the base Magento 1.9 theme CSS pre-compiler. It provides organizable, reusable CSS and jQuery. So, now it is possible to create responsive web design on Magento 1.9.  

And now when we have everything necessary to build great Magento solutions, we are offered to leave all these behind and take a leap into the unknown. But is it a right decision?

Stay On Magento 1.x with SaM Ecommerce After 2017

Magento 1 security patches support program

So, as you can see both solutions listed above have own disadvantages and could cause some risks. We offer you an alternative. SaM Ecommerce Magento expert team found own way-out of the situation - you can simply stay on Magento 1.x even 3 years after. Is it hard to believe? Yes, but it is really possible. 

Patching times won’t be over! We fully understand that not all eCommerce business owners can afford to pay for new CMS. And also we know that some of them do not see any real improvements, which could force them to migrate right away. So, our Sam Ecommerce Magento dedicated team, that comprise from the former Magento core developers, has decided to joint all forces and start providing security patches and all-round support for Magento 1.x. 

What we offer?

  • Security patching and support after Magento inc. 

After 2018, Magento inc. will no longer support  Magento 1.x at all. SaM will become the official provider of Security Patching and support for Magento 1.x platform.

  • Regular updates about security patches releases.

Subscribe and receive the latest news about the release of the first Magento 1.x Patch and updates regarding our Magento 1.x support program.

  • No need to pay for migration.

As you already know, migration to Magento 2.0 or another platform is usually complex and time-consuming process that requires a great deal of money. We offer you to save your already established eCommerce business on Magento 1.x and start investing in its further development.

  • Seasonal Patches for Magento 1.x.

We will be providing you with the latest security patches for your Magento Enterprise and Community store after 2017. All issues and bags will be fixed as per your request.

  • Identical features to Magento 2.0.

Magento 2.0 is almost identical to your Magento 1.x. Are your developers and customers satisfied with platform performance, scalability and architecture flexibility of Magento 1.x? Yes? So, we do not see any reason to change something. 

  • Save $20k- $200k for your company.

An average web project budget is within the range of $20k - $200k. We can help you to avoid these extra costs and keep your business alive for a good while!

What we guarantee:

  1. High-quality and secure patching;
  2. Troubleshooting and bug fixing;
  3. Round the clock support;
  4. Complete intellectual property protection;
  5. Magento dedicated team;
  6. Open communication with the development team;
  7. And more others.

To sum up we would like to say that it is up to you what way to choose. We are not against the new platform, we just propose a worthy alternative. Our advice is to evaluate all arguments and come to the right decision. If you are interested in our program, go to “Stay On Magento After 2017” page and sign up right away.

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