IRCE From 2015 To 2016

IRCE 2016

If you are eCommerce veteran you should be aware of such great online commerce event as IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition). But some of our readers may be greenhorns and just begin getting to know about different eCommerce events. That is why, we want to start our article by telling you what is IRCE. 

IRCE Definition

IRCE is the largest eCommerce trade show in the world. It is very popular among eCommerce experts from the UK, Germany, the USA, Australia and other countries. It has the format of both conference and exhibition. There, more than 10 thousand participants share their knowledges and ideas as well as have a talk about the latest eCommerce technologies. The aim of this event is to provide eCommerce community members with the opportunity to communicate with different industry experts, to meet with the latest and the most popular solution providers and simply chat with like-minded people. 

IRCE 2015 Highlights

So, when everybody knows what is IR Conference & Exhibition, we offer you to go back and remember how it has been in 2015. It will help us to shed light on the way of this show organization and running.

Last year, this event took place in Chicago - McCormick Place West on June 2nd - June 5th. 

IRCE trade show 2015

IRCE Sessions 2015

More than 200 speakers shared their thoughts and ideas during 4 days of conference. Attendees had a chance to chose from a variety of informative sessions and workshops (sometimes, it was really hard to decide on). The most discussed topics were industry innovations and the growing popularity of mobile devices. Jason Goldberger (president of and Christopher McCann (president of were telling about root principles of eCommerce business. Jason inspired listeners to make their stores and businesses as a whole mobile while Christopher told how it is important to test the technologies, which are new on the market. 

IRCE Exhibition 2015

Being organized so that eCommerce companies can showcase their latest solutions, IRCE is considered as the most visited one. There, industry representatives can study recent trends and opportunities presented on the market. Last year, 600+ companies were exhibiting. Exhibitors tried to cover all internet retailers’ needs and brought different presents. They filled the 250,000-square-foot show floor and made it the largest display of services and technologies in the eCommerce.  

Opportunity To Connect And Operate With A Network

The long-awaited time is the time of traditional Chicago-style parties. Why do the participants like them so much? Because, there they had a great chance to talk about the latest eCommerce news and share their expertise in the informal atmosphere. There, they can meet with their current partners and make new acquaintances. In simple words, it is an opportunity to combine business with pleasure.  

What Should We Wait From IRCE In 2016?

We have already refreshed our memory about the last year trade show. And now, it is time to see  - What have IRCE sponsors prepared for us this year? We will divide all information into three blocks:

  • General information 
  • Conference sessions
  • Exhibition events

So, let's start from the very beginning.

IRCE 2016: Time, Place, Conditions and Pricing

IRCE 2016 will be held in the "The Windy City" - Chicago on June 7-10. I suppose that this nickname of the city does not require any explanation, because it speaks for itself. The place chosen for the trade show is the same as before - McCormick Place West. It is really well-designed and offers everything necessary for holding the conference and exhibition.

McCormick Place West

There are:

  • Two halls providing more than 500,000 square feet of exhibit space
  • 61 rooms for meetings
  • An airy and green rooftop garden that is an ideal area for receptions
  • Two registration areas
  • A transportation center 
  • Food court, restaurant, shops, first aid, etc.

There is a number of official conference hotels with comfortable room, shuttle services and good location. The trip to Chicago can become even more affordable if you book tickets in advance. Moreover, you will not have any trouble with an access to the city. Two Chicago major airports with O’Hare International (ORD), a hub for United and American Airlines, and Midway International Airport (MDW), the hub for Southwest has a good taxi service and public transportation. 

Now, let’s speak about registration and pricing. The rule states - “The Earlier You Register, the More You Save”.

The pricing is divided into three groups: 

  • Early Bird (16 November 2015 – 4 April 2016)
  • Pre-Show (5 April 2016 – 4 June 2016)
  • On-Site (5 June 2016 –10 June 2016)

The Early Bird is the cheapest and the On-Site is the most expensive. But price depends not only on time of booking, but also on the package you choose. 

The full package includes 2 Day Conference & 2 Workshops: June 7, 8, 9 and 10. And of course, it has the highest price. Also, it is possible to choose between conference and workshops and visit only one of them. The exhibit hall pass is included in each package.

IRCE 2016 Conference 

Agenda: This conference agenda includes a variety of sessions and tracks, which can meet a small, medium or large business needs. All these tracks are focused on new eCommerce technologies, e-retail success strategies and marketing must-haves. All participants leave IRCE keeping in mind different ideas and solutions, which have been presented on this trade show.

Speakers: This year, as usual, the conference will be hosted by over 200 expert speakers. The list includes several chief executive officers, sales managers, company directors as well as specialists representing different eCommerce spheres. They are the movers and shakers of this industry, who have already achieved headway and are ready to share own knowledges and expertise with others.

IRCE 2016 Exhibition

The exhibit hall will be full of the latest eCommerce technologies displayed by the top solution providers. About 600 retailers will present their solutions, so you will have the opportunity to meet vendors, who can help you to benefit and provide you with the solution you need. The exhibit hall has been reengineered for 2016, so now it has everything necessary for networking. Coming back to 2015, we would like to mention that then, 73% of attendees found new retailers to work with. 

Have fun at IRCE!

At IRCE, you have a chance to visit not only business, but also different fun events, for example: networking events, jazz clubs, rooftops, bars parties and many others.

All these key points proves that it is going to be the largest eCommerce trade show of 2016.

IRCE will be sponsored by near 50 great e-business companies. The full list of sponsors and partners you can find here.

We hope that all information presented in this post will be useful for you and make it possible to compare last year and this year trade shows! All details about IRCE you can find on its official website. Read about other eCommerce coming events:

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