How to Better Your B2C & B2B Ecommerce Websites Performance?

Business to business and business to consumer ecommerce

Year after year, the amount of clients, who turn to our SaM Ecommerce agency for assistance in pushing up sales, is growing significantly. Of course, we help them to cope with this problem, but retailers also should understand that a great deal depends on them. That is why we have decided to prepare an article describing the aspects, which require more online business owners’ attention. But before moving on, we offer you to study statistics.

Let’s start from defining how much money people around the world are spending online.

According to, Americans spend more than others and it is easy to explain. The USA is the country where people have heard about ecommerce at first time. The United Kingdom is the second and Sweden keeps the third place. Below, you can see the full list:

how much money online shoppers spend

Large B2B and B2C retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Wayfair make money on it. Here is a data on retail ecommerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2019. Last year, retail ecommerce sales amounted to 1.67 trillion US dollars and are expected to grow to 3.55 trillion US dollars in 2019.

retail ecommerce sales worldwide

As we already know, not all of online business owners can achieve such results. Some of them know about their problems, but need some additional help for implementing a solution. Others, do not even understand how serious their problems really are. 

So, to help both get more profit and become able to compete with great business sharks, we prepared a special list of tips based on the experience of ecommerce professionals. 

The Main Aspects of Improving Your Ecommerce Store Performance

The main aspects on which you have to concentrate denend a lot on the kind of business you own: B2C or B2B. We want to start from B2C or retail business.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

The first and main reason why you are not selling enough online is success of other big retailers. It is almost impossible to compete with them. It is hard to find a product that is not sold online. Almost everything can be found in the Internet and even at the lower price and better service than you may offer. But still there are some chances to make your online business successful and we want to help you with this challenge.

Speaking about B2C, we can indicate 5 main areas, which need some enhancements and we will start from Branding:

B2C Online Store Branding

It is very important to realize the significance of online branding. When you start own business, you have to determine your unique selling proposition. It will allow you to differentiate your brand from others, and give customers a reason to buy a product from you. The following questions can help you with this challenge:

  • What mission does your ecommerce business have ?
  • What problem does your product/service solve?
  • What do your current customers think of your business?
  • What do potential customers think of your business?
  • What standards do you want customers to associate with your business?

Many ecommerce businesses fail at that stage because their owners do not know how to built branding strategy correctly. The biggest mistake is to economize on it. The best decision will be to choose experienced and highly-qualified agency that has a good reputation in branding. 

B2C Online Store Design 

There is a rule: “Do not judge a book by its cover.” But, do people really follow it or not? The answer is “No”. Whether it’s the presentation of trendy clothes or the latest household appliances, people always choose things that are beautifully designed. Let’s check it right now by carrying out a small experiment. Below, there are two pictures of refrigerators. On the first one, you can see usual refrigerator without any outstanding features. On the second you can see a  modern refrigerator, which design corresponds the latest trends and tendencies. Which one would you choose? We are sure that it is the photo on the right. 


The same occurs with your website. If visitors entering your website do not see an attractive homepage with catching photos, they likely will leave it right over. It means that you just pour money down the drain. 

So, what should you do? Being provided with a unique brand, you have to execute it online with a high-quality design. Remember, an online store with an outstanding design can help you to succeed in the B2C space. And considering the latest trend of using different mobile devices to shop online, we can say that it is worthy to allocate a budget for a responsive design. Turn to good web agency, such as SaM Ecommerce, for assistance in creation of a unique ecommerce experience for your online shoppers.

B2C Online Store Functionality

The success of B2C online stores depends not only on the products presented and how well it is marketed, but also on the features it offers both users and the business owner. And if for the second it is important to have all necessary tools to manage the website, customers appreciate when a website is user-friendly. Except a basic group of functionalities, a web store should have advanced features, which could mark it out from other online stores, for example:

  • Online Payment Service
  • Product Comparison Tool
  • Discount Service
  • A Newsletter and Automatic Notifications 
  • Loyalty Program
  • Partner Program
  • Etc.

B2C Online Store Product Pricing

This issue does not require an in-depth discussion. Of course it is hard enough to compete with high volume stores on price (for example with Amazon or Walmart). But you can try to experiment with free shipping and flash sales to cut the price with volume purchases covering your discounts.

B2C WebSite Speed

A website speed is crucial for your online business. A slow website loading affects visitors impression negatively. In 2010, Google confirmed that website speed is one of the main indicators that impacts search rankings. The loading process should take less than 3 seconds. It is the optimal time. To achieve such result you have to:

  • Enable compression
  • Optimize your database
  • Minify HTML,CSS & JavaScript
  • Optimise images
  • Enable caching
  • Fix your 404 errors
  • We offer you to stop losing traffic and start optimizing the loading time of your website.

Business to Business (B2B)

Earlier, the level of competition on B2B ecommerce market was significantly lower, so even small participants could become successful very quickly. It was explained by the absence of B2B business dominators. But everything changed after arrival of Amazon’s B2B marketplace Amazon Business (before it was There, corporate buyers can purchase any equipment, parts, raw materials and supplies they need. The study performed by the Acquity Group has shown that about 50% of all business-to-business customers buy from Amazon Business and half of them use this marketplace regularly. Such popularity was gained thanks to the wide range of services this company offers: 

amazon business website features

But only some of the top B2B companies can really stand out from others, and even they are still learning. That is why ecommerce business starters have all chances to win this B2B game. And we hope that our recommendations presented below will help them: 

B2B Features and Functionality

It is important to remember that B2B ecommerce usually requires much different functionality such as individual customer pricing, customer groups, approval workflows, bulk discounts, special payment terms and invoicing, etc. Fortunately, today there are a lot of tools, which can help to provide your B2B site with necessary functionality, for instance: a content management system, marketing automation system and some analytics tools.

B2B WebSite Integration

It is not less important to integrate B2B website with ERP software, as it will provide you with a number of benefits. First of all, it will make your store available for customers 24/7. They will be able to place their orders and have an access to the necessary information day and night. Also the integration will allow you to avoid the manual re-keying of data. The orders placed on the website will be automatically transferred into your ERP in the correct format. And consequently, this automatization will let you to utilize the employee time more efficiently. 

B2B Product Information

Each product on your B2B website has to have the detailed and highly informative description. It should include all products’ features. It will enable your customers to sort and find the exact products they need for their business. And here the Product Information Management (PIM) is vital for B2B selling. 

B2B WebSite Design

Web design is important not only for B2C but for B2B stores as well. The website has to be beautiful, user-friendly and present a unique experience to visitors considering their individual needs and wants. Here is what the usability guru,Jakob Nielsen, said:

“B2B site goals are substantially more complex than those on the typical B2C site. This is the one excuse B2B sites have for their bad usability. In reality, however, the more complex the scenario, the higher the need for supportive user interfaces.

Thus, B2B sites ought to emphasize usability more, not less, because they must help users accomplish more advanced tasks and research more specialized products.”

B2B WebSite Speed

B2B online stores are often bigger with wider product catalogs. All this data weigt a lot and due to this, website loading speed could be considerably lower. It could really weight down your website and decrease the amount of new and returning visitors. As the result, the company sales fall. So, that is why “website speed” is a crucial point for your B2B success.  


We want to sum up by saying that there are a lot of things holding back your ecommerce business development. And our article proves it once again. But, at the same time ecommerce community offers a wide range of solutions, which can save your business from failure. For additional help and consulting on ecommerce issues, please contact our professionals! Read more about ecommerce here: 

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