9 Types of Product Videos That Boost Sales

9 Types of Product Videos That Boost Sales

The video is getting more popular every day. Video on your site brings benefits to your site SEO as Google loooooves videos and features them as an additionally highlighted answer in SERPs. Video helps to convey a pile of text in a more entertaining way. The most valuable feature of videos is that they are viral, so you don’t even have to bother yourself with asking the visitors to share a piece of information— they will share an interesting video with their friends by themselves. We’ve already written the article Ecommerce Video Helps Your Online Business Succeed, and today we want to present nine videos that will boost sales.

Manufacturing of the Product

Gain the trust of your visitors by demonstrating them the whole process of manufacturing the product. It can begin with the idea of creating such a product and then introduce a creator themselves as well as other people involved in the process of manufacturing. The video can show all the stages of manufacturing the product, so the person will be sure in the quality of the product and, as the result, the visitor is likely to buy it. As an example, you can watch the Man Crates video about their work

Unboxing Video

Consumers want to know exactly what they’re going to receive, so show them what they want! It’s popular to show the unboxing process of a new tech product, for example, a new iPhone, but Man Crates have designed an extraordinary gift wrapping that is worth watching unpacking (we do not advertise them, but their videos are absolutely awesome!). Watch the video with unboxing a gift card from... a concrete brick. 

Unboxing video example

Product Description

Long written product descriptions work well for SEO, but customers hardly ever read them as they can watch a video. Your site visitors will appreciate if the site offers a video where you are describing the size of the product, its weight, and features. With this type of the video, you can convince the site visitors it is the product they’ve been looking for. 73% visitors who have watched the product video will buy. As an example, watch the SOL video that presents Scout Kit.

Will It Pass the Torture Test?

Show customers a video with a torture test of a product. These tests help customers to evaluate the ability of a product to withstand extreme conditions. Will Nokia 3310 pass the washing machine test? Will G-shock Tough Solar GR8900a-1 work after being frozen? Will Ultra-Ever Dry coating really repel all types of liquid? Will a blender blend an iPad?

Torture test video example 

How-to Video

Videos are an awesome medium for showing the ways how the product can be used and how it should be maintained. Show your customers how to play the game, how to wear the scarf, how to pitch a tent, how to open a wine bottle, how to clean an ivory coach, or how to treat blisters with GlacierGel. The majority of visitors will prefer to watch a tutorial video rather than reading a bunch of guidance text; consequently, they’ll buy from the merchant who has provided the video. 

Product in Use

This type of the product video reminds the previous one, but, unlike a how-to video, a product-in-use one doesn’t explain how a buyer can use it, these videos showcase a happy person applying the product. Such videos aim to fascinate watchers and make them buy the product. Just watch the video featuring the training mask. Don’t you want to buy it and go on a training to look like these sportsmen?

Compare Similar Products

There is a mass of various products that look alike at first sight but are different. Help customers to make the right choice: compare similar products, show their advantages as well as disadvantages, discuss for what group of people this or that product will suit better (for example, this snowboard is best for amateurs, and that is great for professionals). Having such videos on your eCommerce site means that you take care of your customers, that you want to give them the possibility to choose the best product that will suit their needs. As the result, they will not only buy the product from you but also recommend your e-store to others and, perhaps, become your regular buyers. As an example, watch the video that compares snowboard bindings.

Comparison video example

Aftersales Video

The main disadvantage of e-stores is that the customer can’t touch the product or try it on; therefore, customers may want to exchange the product or get the refund. In case you have some special return policy rules, say about them in a video. For example, Simply Scuba don’t refund or exchange scuba masks that already have been under water. So they filmed the video that describes the way scuba masks can be tested without any water. Now, customers feel safe to buy masks from them. 

Customer Video Review

What can convince to buy the product more than a review done by a happy customer who already uses the product? Encourage your buyers not only to leave written comments but also to film a video review

Customer's video review

Why Is Video Important for eCommerce?

We live in the world where everything changes very fast, so we don’t want to waste our time reading when we can save it watching a short video. By the way, the preferable time for a product video is up to one minute. However, there are exceptions that last for five minutes or more, but they are really useful or captivating. Nevertheless, keep it in mind that visitors prefer to watch several short videos rather than a long one.

We hope the article has inspired you to film several videos for your e-store. We’ll be happy to read in the comments about your experience with different types of product videos.

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