5 E-commerce Trends in 2019

5 E-commerce Trends in 2019

Every year the e-commerce industry creates new and new trends that every online shop owner should follow. Why? If you want to be on top you better be in trend. There are 5 e-commerce trends that you should pay attention to in 2019. 

Free Returns is Over 

Free returns were one of the biggest advantages of online shopping. If you didn’t like what you’ve bought you can turn it back. For free! But for the last few years amount of returns in e-commerce increases and sellers loses a lot of their money.

So, in 2019 a big chance that free returns in e-commerce might be over. Last year the Amazon announced that it provides a ban for customers that turn back most of their purchases. And many retailers agreed with it. But there is still too many questions to answer regarding сonsumer protection.


We have told you about Progressive Web Apps many and many times. As you already might know, PWAs is the best decision if you have an online store and most of your customers making purchases via mobile. 

The point is the customer doesn’t have to download an app from Google/Apple Store or wait while the site page opens in a mobile browser. Customers are very impatient in 2019, so PWAs combines a site and an app. It provides a very comfortable mobile shopping experience for users. 

Many of huge retailers started to use Progressive Web Apps. Among them Aliexpress, Lancome and OLX.

5 E-commerce Trends in 2019

Social Networks Purchases

In 2019 hard to find someone who spends in social networks and messengers less than a few hours per day. So why not to spend this time staying socials and making purchases? 

After launching Instagram Shop users tried a new way to shop and they liked it. A way to sell through social networks works so well, even messengers started to integrate “buy” options. 

And why not? Sometimes we just spend too much time swiping post upside down, so even can forget to buy something. Social Purchases makes shopping easier. And, for the record, many buyers believe that socials networks help them to make a decision what to buy. 

Mixed Reality 

Augmented reality and virtual reality is not something new anymore. For example, in a game industry, it has a very fast grown and it creates more and more new products every year. 

In 2019 AR and VR can help e-commerce to grow sales, attract new customers and give them an unforgettable and exciting shopping experience. The seller that uses new technologies to promote their product has a big advantage over competitors. 

QR Codes

The practice of, so-called, “showrooming” while a person visit a shop, looking for something and then buys it online is a very common phenomenon nowadays. So QR codes can help to make a customer’s life much easier. If place it next to the item in a shop, a buyer may found it online in a second. 

Plus, as we wrote above, AR becoming very popular nowadays. It helps a customer to understand how  let’s say, the kettle might look like on the stove or if which shoes look better, green ones or brown ones. And QR codes might be used to provide augmented reality elements to a product or to its description. It’s up to you! 

Here are 5 e-commerce trends that will rock 2019. Use it well and it makes your online shop loved to buy your buyers. And if your Magento store needs to be prepared to new trends, contact our Team of Magento Developers. They are always ready to help! 

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