The Most Interesting Facts About Magento

most interesting facts about magento

Let's check what do you know about Magento!


Being a very powerful eCommerce software platform, Magento proposes user-friendly interface and flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions for fast growing business and development. It’s the current leading web shop software in the world which mainly deals with uploading, promoting and marketing unlimited products simultaneously.

One Magento’s biggest advantage is that it provides the merchant with a full set of reports regarding the status of the online store. For businesses with an international client base, Magento offers store management in different languages under the same installation process: this means that the platform stock control only runs through the decision making of one administrator.

2008 is the year when Magento appeared to surprise with its potential and further quickly development. Since that time it deserved popularity and found fans.

  • Magento is a highly adaptable platform and thus, provides the customers a flexible online shopping experience. At present, over 150,000 online stores and websites is based on Magento CMS.
  • In US, UK and Canada eCommerce is a bit more popular term than Magento, but in Australia, New Zealand and India Magento is searched more often than eCommerce.
  • In its first year, it had over 500,000 downloads of its open source Community Edition; with around 5000 daily downloads even now.
  • Magento Community Edition is open source eCommerce software used to power your online store and can be downloaded for free. It makes profit up to 25.3%.
  • More than 100 stores are added a month on Magento Enterprise Editions.
  • The current Magento community stands at over 800,000 members and this number continues to grow at a rapid rate.
  • Magento platform has 6500 Extension and mounting, that are easy to install and get support on it.
  • Magento has over 350 solution partners and third-party developers globally.
  • According to a recent survey, Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform, holding a 31% market share
  • 10,000 Brands and Business trust Magento Worldwide.
  • Used by global brands such as Nike, Samsung, North Face, Nokia, Ford.
  • It is found that Magento is used by 26% of the top 1 million websites.
  • By not disclosed terms Magento was acquired for $180 million by eBay Inc., and is now a division of X.commerce, Inc. (an eBay Inc. company).
  • Magento is a Los Angeles-based Company with more than 290 employees.

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