A Picture Paints a Thousand Words: How Instagram Will Help You Draw Customers

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Firstly, being a photo-sharing site for personal use, Instagram has become one of the most popular apps among people all around the world. In accordance with statistics users spend more than 257 minutes per month surfing the Instagram, writing 1,000 comments per second, giving out 8,500 likes per second that accounts to 1,2 billion likes a day.

5 best ways to use Instagram for e-commerce 

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During the last years, Instagram have become interesting not only for individuals, but even for different businesses. Even despite the fact that Instagram, unlike Pinterest, offers no business-specific features, retailers from different countries have not stop flocking to the site in hopes of drawing the attention of Instagram’s 300 million user base, 60 percent of whom are between the ages of 18 and 34, according to data from Adweek. Moreover, the digital research firm L2 report shows us that 93 percent of top-brands use Instagram to promote their products and services.

People hardly buy anything without seeing it. When personal contact is not possible, only photo of a product can instantly provides the information that cannot be conveyed even in writing. It is well known that without good quality images of each product it is not possible to achieve sales and ensure customer satisfaction.

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And now, as Instagam slowly but steadily embraces the e-commerce, many new marketing campaigns emerge and transform viewers into shoppers with a single click.

1. Sell through Instagram

Generally, Instagram doesn’t allow to embed links alongside images, thus this makes it difficult for tradesmen to facilitate easy clicks to relevant product pages on their e-commerce websites. But there are a number of app providers which can help you. The most popular platforms are LiketoBuy and Soldsie. When  users click on the link, they are taken through to a page presenting all of the Instagram posts with items available to buy.

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Another way is to place link within the description on the profile page.

2.  Take Lifestyle Photos through Instagram

The best way to present products is to use lifestyle photos resembling real-life settings. This is a technique used by many leading brands because it gives consumers an idea of how they can utilize the brands’ products. For example, e-commerce retailer Michael Kors, a maker of handbags, watches, shoes, clothing and more, often places its products in real-world settings, as in the example below. 

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3. Show on Instagram how Customers Utilize Products

To draw customers’ attention to your product, you just have to show through the images how real people use them.

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Due to such technic not only product but even people become famous. After these people are used to promote any kind of items. Usually, they creates own blogs on YouTube, but that is another story.


4. Show Behind the Scenes Photos through Instagram

The next step in work with the photos is making of company everyday-life images.

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They allow customers to go behind the scenes, that sometimes can make the product more wanted.

5. Run a Contest on Instagram

One more popular method to attract users on social platforms, including Instagram is a contest. Usually to win, Instagram users have to follow the brand and tag their friends in the comments. Then the brand chooses a winner due to the special program.

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In this photo you can see the example how pinklab runs contests using Instagram.

So, Instagram is obviously a fantastic tool, that retailers can use to promote and sell their items. It helps sellers to become closer with their consumers, to make product or even service more accessible and to show that purchasing process is actually very easy. To be more successful in e-commerce, read our article "11 Tips For Success in Fashion Ecommerce" and contact our Sam Ecommerce experts.

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