Your First Ecommerce Product to Sell

first ecommerce product to sell

Every year e-commerce market considerably grows, and it becomes more difficult to choose what to sell. It is always hard to do the first steps, thereby in this article we want to tell how and where to find a product to sell through the Internet.

What is the best product to sell online?

1. Look at Your Preferences Regarding a Product to Sell

First of all, you have to understand which niche you want to fill. You have to be passionate about the product you are going to distribute. If you like it, you will certainly make people like it too. Passion to your product is one thing that will always help you to carry you through the hard times.

2. Use Your Business Experience

Another no less important fact is to know all about the product, to be aware of all its features. It will be easier for you to work with products or services you are familiar, then to learn about a new one.

3. Use Your Own Product Ideas 

Before you start to surf the depths of the Internet, remember your own ideas. It can be a product or an idea you have had for years. Maybe it is described in your half written business plan that you have thrown for some reasons.

business plan marketing success innovation

Even if you’ve undervalued it at some point earlier,now it can be the best time to take a fresh look at it.

4. Use Internet for Product Selection

So, if you do not have any ideas about the product or you have not chosen any one after reviewing, then you can turn to the Internet. The best way is to apply to a massive marketing channel - the organic search traffic. Here you can look for  keyword opportunities that involves strategically looking for a product or niche online based on the search queries people are using, volume and competition for those searches.

seo keywords opportunities research

Such approach requires SEO knowledges and suits only those who do not need to be passionate about the product but want to have a business that would produce a profit and provide flexibility.

5. Create a Unique Brand Position

Such method involves a creation of a new brand that will differ from other already existing on the market. For example, you can use a unique product position or a new way of communication with customers.

A good example is “Clippers” barbershop.  It is unique men’s club that offers a new way of communication with customers. It differs a lot from a usual hairdressing salon. There one can not only get new hairstyle, have beard shorn or shaved by straight razor, but also read daily press, have a cup of coffee, drink beer or whiskey.

 clippers barber shop unique brand

Unique position barber shop

6. Identify people’s needs and wants

Such approach is universally accepted and useful not only for e-commerce but generally for any businesses. To understand what people need and want is of vital importance. People always have problems and some of them can be solved with new product launching.

Speaking about people’s wants, we should draw your attention to the fact that every person can be passionate about different stuff. To provide people with this special necessary and so attractive product you should study market carefully and only after that come to a decision.  This is a great way to make sales skyrocket.

A good example of such approach is “My bottle”.

my bottle ecommerce needs wants

This is a new co-friendly bottle for any drinks that withstand temperature from - 40 degrees up to + 110. Moreover, you can use it not only for beverages, but even for fruits. It is modern and stylish item that has become very popular during the current year. Health and fashion are the main points. You can buy it on Facebook, Vk, Instagram and on different e-commerce web sites. Here retailer considers both people needs and people wants.

Conclusion on Product Selection

So, as we can see the hight competition level in the most popular product categories, the best way to your success is a right product or niche choice. Remember that you should not avoid small product categories, because in such conditions a competition level is lower and a target audience is wider. It helps you to be on the top of Google, and usually it is more cost effective to advertise your product. Understanding each of the six approaches above will help you to find the perfect first e-commerce product to sell. If you need more information about ecommerce, apply to our Sam Ecommerce Team.

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