Test Your eCommerce Site For Security


If you are an online retailer, your web presence is your greatest asset; greater than your inventory and your people. Without that presence, your entire business will fail to function. If the security of your site is compromised your entire business is at risk; customer data, product data, financial and inventory statistics. Hackers are becoming savier every day. The unfortunate side effect of a successful online business is that it puts you at a greater risk of being hacked. No one will go to the trouble to hack a site that is only doing a few thousand dollars a year in sales; however, a site that is raking in a few million dollars a year…now that is worth attacking. Security testing specifically targets the protection of sensitive information.

Methods of security testing 

Peneation Testing

Peneation Testing attacking a system using a predetermined amount of data with the goal of gaining access to as much data as possible

Automated Scanning

Automated Scanning SQL, XSS, CRLF and injection vulnerabilities are detected through automated scanning software; the software only checks for vulnerabilities and does not access the code

Authentication  Testing

Authentication Testing using the authentication schema to check for vulnerabilities within the process

Static Code Analysis

Static Code Analysis checks for vulnerabilities within the source code

Stolen or compromised data significantly impacts your user’s experience and satisfaction levels. Diligent testing efforts safeguard your most valuable asset from would-be attackers by exploring several possible vulnerabilities. Don’t skip over this step; that would be like building an amazing store and then refusing to lock the door each night.

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